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    Solved! How to convert a mp3 file into a video which can be uploaded to youtube?

    Hi i have some no copyright cds and tapes that i want to upload to youtube but dont have any software to convert it into video format from mp3, any suggestions of free software where i can add a photo so that its become a video format accepted by youtube or other solutions would be great
  2. T

    transmitter with no sound

    I am trying to get it ready for a plane ride. I have it paired to my headphones but when I put it into my mp3 player no sound.
  3. C

    Solved! play mp3 on old stereo

    Audio fisher stereo
  4. L

    Solved! Non Bluetooth PC to old stereo

    I want to setup for my parents for them to be able to play mp3 music files that are on a non Bluetooth PC (motherboard: ASUS B85M-G R2.0) and have the sound come out of an old stereo (non Bluetooth, Sony FM Stereo/FM-AM Receiver STR-AV770) in another room on the same floor. They have a PC in the...
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    i cant find create mp3 version

    respected, i have done all steps but cant find mp3 convert
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    Solved! Get 3.1 surround sound (with LFE channel) using a stereo mp3 file

    I am using Windows 10 Pro and have connected my PC via an HDMI cable to my receiver. From there it is connected to my TV. Is there any way possible with any software to play the stereo file with the subwoofer. It doesn't even have to be 3.1, it can be 2.1, but I just need that subwoofer working...
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    Solved! can I tranfer/download music from my Android phone to my portable Coby mp3 player?

    i have an older Coby Mp3 player{@ the time was 1 of the very 1st ’high tech inventions‛ & it was Just crazy exciting to own this new type of portable music device. lol No More ‛Walk mans’ & those CrazyAss Casette tapes!! LMAO ~ Anywho Does any1 know How to transfer ★New music/songs from my...
  8. I

    ...How to download mp3 in 2018?

    So, apparently I am too old-fashioned to appreciate music streaming and, especially when I travel abroad, I like to have it stored in my memory card. I used to download music with emule, but nowadays it's not so efficient anymore. I tried u-torrent, but it's not very friendly: too many clicks...
  9. A

    Solved! mp3 file wont play

    mp3 file wont play. It is a rare classical music recording . It is of 26mb in size and i have tried all the general remedies available online. heres the file link
  10. F

    Connecting Bluetooth Am/Fm Radio to a seperate set of Bluetooth Speakers.

    Purchased a Pyle Bluetooth Marine MP3/USB/SD Am/Fm Receiver Stereo. (Module # PLMR51W) Also purchased a set of Pyle (PDWR62BTBK) Wall Mount& BT 6.5" Indoor/Outdoor Speaker System. Need help if anyone can guide me on this please! What I'm looking to do is to Bluetooth the stereo to the separate...
  11. T

    MP3 player recommendations needed

    I am looking for an MP3 player both for use at home to listen to FLAC music files and with a long battery life for long or overseas trips. I also want the player to provide at least high quality audio, have an EQ for audio settings like Rock, Classical, New Age, and Pop (environmental settings...
  12. P

    Bluetooth connected to comp plays mp3 but won't have sound from comp videos Avi,mp4 or mkv

    Help with Bluetooth video audio
  13. A

    Why won't my songs play after converting them to WMA?

    I recently converted some MP3 files to WMA. These files will play in one vehicle from my USB, but another vehicle will only play one-third of them. I know it's not the converter because some will play and others won't. All the other songs on my USB are also WMA and they play correctly.
  14. B

    I have a Sony lbt d359 hifi system, I wanted to connect my DVD player so that I can play mp3 disks on it but the phono input

    How can I connect my DVD player to Sony lbt d359 hifi system to able to play mp3 disks through it
  15. johnbil

    CD/MP3 Player Speakers Also Used with TV

    I’m having a problem visualizing how to connect these things. I have a CD/MP3 Player system with some nice speakers. I want these speakers to do double duty. I want them to work with the player when it’s on. I also want them to act as speakers for our TV without the player being on. The...
  16. N

    Looking for a simple MP3 player

    I am looking for a simple MP3 player (or speaker with SD/Micro SD slot) with big buttons for my mother. It should have these requirements: 1. Built in speaker, can be 2-5W. 2. Should play tracks from SD card. The track should start from the same location the player was paused or turned off or...
  17. D

    MP3 player help

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sandisk clip jam MP3 player? i have moved music on to it before, normally just by putting it in its music folder just for the sake of the music being on there. But for making playlists it is different. Sandisks website says to put the music into Windows...
  18. M

    replacement for old Zune

    My 30 GB Zune finally died. I had it hooked up to a docking station that had speakers. Used the Zune software to load mp3 files from my PC. I'm looking for a similar setup with whatever's out there now. I want a way to store and manage mp3 files on PC, then transfer to mp3 device which would...
  19. A

    Solved! Connect an MP3 player to an active subwoofer

    I’m putting together a temporary display with a ‘monster’. It will only make very deep grumbling noises, so I really only need a sub. From what I can see, most subwoofers seem to have an rca connection. What’s the simplest way I can connect an MP3 player to an active subwoofer without destroying it?
  20. M

    Solved! Volume consistency on mp3 downloads on Samsung J5 Pro

    I have downloaded MP3 music files from numerous sources on the internet onto the micro SD card of my Samsung J5 Pro cell phone. When I subsequently play back music through my Bluetooth speaker, the volume is inconsistent between songs, some loud, some soft. Is there a way to tweak the android...
  21. 2

    Connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record fm station?

    Trying to connect mp3 player to home stereo tuner to record a local fm station. The fm station is not online and is not strong enough to be tuned into a mp3 radio setting. This station plays only music 24/7. I'd like to record it on a mp3 player and take the station recordings with me when I...
  22. C

    CDs with mp3 files and/or WAV files won't play on Bose system??

    I'm using CD-RWs and burned mp3 files or WAV files onto them. Will play on some systems (e.g., Yamaha) but not on either of my two Bose systems. Am I using the wrong CDs? What settings best?
  23. P

    Solved! My mp3 player

    How do i go about transferring music from my alcetel one touch 4060A (AT&T) to my Digital Audio mp3 player. And what transferring cord? Thanks everyone...
  24. R

    I have otg adapter can I transfer song android phone to USB Sony mp3 walkman

    Help pls Very difficult
  25. Z

    changeing DAP to a better one

    Hi All, I have a Fiio X1 MKII but I'd like to replace it with a better DAP. It sounds great , but it's op sys is slow. What would be a next level but not much more expensive player? Cheers!
  26. M

    Why no sound?

    I have put some songs onto my MP3 player but the songs are not playing. I very sure all my song is mp3 format.How?
  27. D

    Mp3 folder organiser

    Windows Media Player ruined all my Mp3 folders by splitting any type of mixed album that features any various artists and put single songs into folders by the one artists, so now I have thousands of folders of artists names with only one song in there in some cases. I just used MusicBrainz...
  28. B

    Solved! hopeless criteria for mp3 player?

    I think the answer to my question is no because I've done about an hour of research and come up empty, but gotta ask. I'm an old geezer about to get my first mp3 player. (I don't have a "device", just a regular no-frills cell phone, and that's all I want.) But I have a list of criteria that no...
  29. D

    tried converting wma files to mp3 on real player but error message keeps coming up

    have wma songs in my files but have no success changing to mp3 when I use real player
  30. G

    can I buy an mp3 player with tunes on

    Looking for mp3 player with tunes on
  31. M

    Video to MP3

    best programs for converting video files to mp3 on PC Windows?
  32. J

    cheap MP3 players not communicating with Windows 7 laptop

    i have two Windows 7 laptops and have been trying to get my 3 (new) MP3 players to communicate with them they are JIE LI driver sets I go them on Ebay (under $5 each), and there was no support on any websites, they are completely generic How can I get these MP3 players to talk to my Windows 7...
  33. plainbunny

    I can't open any newly downloaded mp3 files

    Recently, I've been having problems opening and mp3 files on my smartphone. All old files I had before this problem started open and play fine. My internet runs smoothly, the files download fine, and there is plenty of memory / storage space, yet they won't open after being downloaded. My device...
  34. I

    My MP3 wont play in my Toyota Corolla 2014 model

    When I insert the USB the error is there file format is not correct doesn't load at all
  35. E

    Solved! i have a dvd player,i looked up the specs it said it was mp3 format able will it also play mp4

    so i have a dvd player that is mp3 compatible will it also play mp4s
  36. S

    Solved! Managing music files in a portable player

    I have this Philips Portable Speaker Model AT10/00 which can play music direct from USB. A 32gb USB can hold so many folders with each of them loaded with hundreds of MP3 files. How can I make the player select the folder I choose and play the mp3 files in the sequence I set? I try to manage by...
  37. S

    Solved! Video Editor Issue

    I have an mp3 file that is 42 hours play time , the size of the file is like 3.2 gig , i have tested 3 different video editors now and none of them can handle the large file.... i want to make a video out of the file by adding video clips on top of it on the side of the music so i can upload...
  38. N

    How do I play music on my SD card? I have an Arnova 10d G3.

    I have many MP3 files on the SD card, but haven't found an MP3 player that can access the SD card!
  39. W

    Dell D630 can't play certain MP3 files through the speakers, but they play OK through headphones

    I have some MP3 files that were encoded by iTunes 10 on a different system, and they play through the normal output devices properly on all of the oter systems here, but on this D630 laptop, they play only through the headphone jack. All other MP3s play 100% normally. The subject MP3s play...
  40. S

    Solved! Can I use headphones with my computer by connecting them through an mp3's headphones jack

    My laptops headphones jack is not functional anymore. And I have been deprived of using headphones with my laptop. Is there any software that can convert a usb mp3 player into a usb sound card adapter so i can connect headphones with my laptop by inserting them into my mp3's headphones jack and...
  41. R

    Solved! only 1 track on burned CD

    I burned a disc using Nero18. I wanted it to be an mp3 cd, so i used the Jukebox option. Now that the disc is burned... it only shows 1 track on my car audio player (the same goes for other audio players i've tried with). However when i insert the cd back into my pc... then i see the separate...
  42. J

    Android MP3 Player App that Reads from micro USB port

    Want to use old Android phones as MP3 players. Have large library on USB stick with micro interface, so it will fit into the input port on Android phones. Need Android MP3 player app that will know how to read the MP3 library that is on the USB stick and allow playing by artist, album, music...
  43. E

    a mp3 file won't play

    i have a mp3 file that i'm trying to play. i have tried vlcPlayer, kmPlayer, hot player, google chrome, windows media player and etc. the file's protection tag is empty, its not set "YES" or "NO" what is the problem with this file? what can i do to play it? I have about 50 mp3 files with the...
  44. B

    Solved! Stereo With Built-In MP3 Player

    I'm looking for an AM-FM shelf system with a built-in MP3 player which can accept a USB thumb drive loaded with MP3 files. I don't need CD capability, nor to I want to jack in an external MP3 player. My Sansa MP3 player (5cm x 3cm) has ALL the functionality that I require (Display, Shuffle, Sort...
  45. A

    Is there an mp3 player that can manage podcasts?

    I want an mp3 player that has the ability to manage podcasts on the go. E.g. A podcast app and a WiFi connection etc. I want to avoid something that requires syncing/interfacing with a laptop to get the latest episodes. I want to cut down on using my smartphone but one thing I can't do...
  46. M

    How to transfer music from my Android phone to an MP3 player

    What kind of cord do I need to pass the music from Android phone to MP3 player
  47. A

    2 QUESTIONS: I have a 64GB dual flash drive loaded with all my mp3 music. Unfortunately, my Pioneer car stereo system only a

    1) Trying to figure out how to transfer mp3s from Pioneer car stereo player 64GB flash drive (plugged in) to Android tablet and; 2). Need to fix car mp3 player with possible loose wires at connection device where flash drive plugs in (at end of long cord).
  48. S

    Why is m mp3 no more opening since I updated my iOS version

    My free mp3 no more opens since I updated my iPhone to any new iOS version... over a week now ... how do I get my songs back or how do I get it open.
  49. M

    Speaker buzzing error

    I have edifier x 600 speakers i turned then on and there was a annoying buzzing sound from it. Though they were not connected to any computer or mp3 player
  50. M

    Mobile to Home Theater.

    how to play MP3 from mobile on LG mini Home Theater.
  51. S

    Rip and connect 2 or more tracks to make one single MP3 file.

    There are many albums that have songs which segue into each other (such as "Computer Blue/Darling Nikki on Prince and the Revolution's Purple Rain Soundtrack) and I would like to make MP3s of the complete audio sequences without them being chopped up into separate songs. Using Windows media...
  52. P

    Any way to use SRTs with VLC?

    I'm trying to use an SRT file (subtitle file) with an MP3 on VLC, but whenever I load the subtitle file, VLC freezes for a couple of seconds, and then carries on as if nothing ever happened. I've tried resetting settings to default, and doing a complete re-install, neither of which helped. I've...
  53. T

    Solved! How to make my own specialized MP3 player

    My wife likes to listen to Indian Spiritual chanting as she drifts off to sleep. I would like to make for her a sits-on-the-nightstand MP3 player (including volume control, AC cord, and a little speaker) that has a timing mechanism she can set to 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or untimed. At...
  54. L

    Youtube to Mp3

    Hi, I used to use a mp3 downloader for my galaxy s8+ music and it always had the cover of the album or the youtube video if it couldn't find the album. I am wondering if anyone has a converter that has the album cover on the song or youtube video that shows in your music after downloading it to...
  55. S

    How to attach mp3 file to messenger text android

    Need to send some tunes using messenger. I can attach them and play them at my end from the text, but he can't at his end. I am sending from android and he is receiving on an I Pad.
  56. L

    Can t download mp3 s

    I can t download mp3s
  57. edward78

    .mp3 player or a sound machine that can play a ,mp3?

    I moved to Central NY state 6 years ago, I mis the storms from the midwest very much... Anyway I have a .mp3 of a storm I play all night on my phone when I charge it... I would love to play it every night, but I don't want to lessen the charge cycles...
  58. R

    MP3 player file issue

    Hey I'm having a similiar issue to some,but not much info on this so far. I'm trying to play an album off the memory card on mine,but it says no files found when I go to look it up in the player. All other albums by the same artists work,all mp3 files. Tried deleting and redownloading,still...
  59. edward78

    Microstareo with remote that will play .mp3 CDs???

    My mom wants one for Christmas, small enough to sit on table not sure about these things... Anyway can you help me?