Solved! Video Editor Issue


Dec 15, 2017
I have an mp3 file that is 42 hours play time , the size of the file is like 3.2 gig , i have tested 3 different video editors now and none of them can handle the large file....

i want to make a video out of the file by adding video clips on top of it on the side of the music so i can upload the music to youtube as a music video.

first i used Wondershare Filmora , and this program was the one that worked the best , i was able to put videos along with the music all the way up to 30 hours then the whole program started giving me error messages and i was un able to complete the video to the 42 hour mark

so i tested a new program CyberLink PowerDirector but that program would not give me any sound on the file , guess cus it was to large or to long playtime , it loaded the file but no sound even though i edited all the sound software options in the program it self to try get sound,

then i tested Adobe Premiere Pro , and that program did not load the file correctly in to the program, right before it was finished loading in i got an error every single time, so the file had no visual sound on it nor sound , guessing the program could not handle the length of the music, when i tested smaller files in mp3 they loaded without errors and had sound,

so im stuck... i cant find a program that will do the job, as i said best result was with wondershare that almost let me finish the project but bugged out at 30 hour mark...

anyone know a program that will do the job and wont bug out ?