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    Solved! Video Editor Issue

    I have an mp3 file that is 42 hours play time , the size of the file is like 3.2 gig , i have tested 3 different video editors now and none of them can handle the large file.... i want to make a video out of the file by adding video clips on top of it on the side of the music so i can upload...
  2. C

    Best free software video editor?

    Hi! I would like to know the best program to edit videos for free at 1080p at least. Explain in short answer why do you think in your opinion that is the best program. Thank you!
  3. B

    Free 4k video editor for android

    I would like to know if there are any video editors for android that are able to export 4k videos for free? Edit: I'll keep track here of both free and not so free (with watermark, etc) 4k video editors for android. Free(no ads or watermark): 1. 4k Video Editor 2.YouCut (has adds) With...
  4. Kkody2

    Video Editing question

    I know this probably isn't the ideal website for this question, but I'll give it a shot. I use Vegas Movie Studio 13 platinum to edit all my videos and I'm trying to figure out how to edit a video clip by making it overlay another video clip but also making it move around the background video...
  5. Kkody2

    What editing software should I use?

    I've been getting into making youtube videos lately. I am getting sick of using Windows Movie Maker and I want a good editing software. I enjoy editing so I want to get a really good one (without spending too much money) The one I was looking at was...
  6. M

    Workspace in Premiere Pro isn't saving its changes Properly

    hi guys I am just a hobbyist video editor and I really like using Premiere Pro which had worked fine until today Everything was good except that for some reason the window of the timeline is no longer in its place where I positioned it in my Workspace so now everytime I open premiere Pro i have...
  7. E

    best audio editing software for windows 10

    os windows 10 pc can someone please tell me best free audio editing software which can cut various parts in an audio files and re joine them to make ringtones and also does not changes sound quality of source file and also support m4a files and mp3 as well.
  8. M

    YouTube laptop choice

    I was just wondering which laptop would be better for editing/rendering/recording gaming videos specifically to upload to YouTube daily. (Don't want to play games on the laptop, just recording console gameplay) Just for the uploading/editing process Specs of 1st option Windows 10 Home /...
  9. Y

    Best Photo Editing

    I want the best photo Editor Which can replace face and all other stuff like skin color and all.....which is best it should be easy to use not compilcated!!! please!
  10. 2

    Premiere Pro possibilities

    Hi! This video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjKa0xlnUsE was made in Sony Vegas (Pro 13 i think). I am not using it but i use Premiere Pro CC 2015. Can you do ALL the effects in that video in Premiere (even if it is 10 times harder)? I can use After Effect too, but I prefer not to.
  11. jungleexplorer

    Best WYSIWYG (Visual) Editor for Website creation and management? Help.

    Okay, I have to confess here that I am a FrontPage loyalist. Back in the day I spent time and money to go to technical collage to get FP certified. Then a few years later, Microsoft abandone FP. That really chapped me. Of course, I continued to use FP as long as possible, but as support for...
  12. M

    Any Photo Editors that can help me?

    Im working on a project that involves molding and cutting acrylic, I'm using a Logo that can be found here, I need to scale it for the inner radius of the Circle is 3 inches exactly when printed, Any idea how i could do this? Thanks in Advance!
  13. Y

    Best photo editing software?

    Hey guys, i got some questions about photo editing software! what is the best(the most expensive:na:) photoshop version? what is the best tutorials about how to use photo editing software?
  14. W

    Gaming Laptop Build

    OK, so I'm off for college and my mom told me that she could get me any laptop I wanted for college. I do play video games a lot and I also need to use this computer for video editing and game design. So I do need good RAM and GPU. I just totally decked this computer out, and though I don't...
  15. unoriginal1

    Something Similar to Photoshop. (Free)

    Hey Everyone, Toms put out an article going over free applications for different (free) photo editors etc. I'm in need of something that has similar features as Photoshop but is free as I'll only be using it for a quick project. For the life of me i can't find that article. So asking for some...
  16. G

    12 Video Editors for Your PC

    Whether you’re a Windows, Mac OS X or Linux user, these twelve tools will facilitate the inner Spielberg (or Bay) in you. 12 Video Editors for Your PC : Read more
  17. S

    MP4 Video editors for Windows

    Can anyone point me to any free video editors for Windows that are MP4 compatible? I've been capturing some videos with my phone that I want to edit but they don't work with Windows Movie Maker. I tried converting to AVI but the quality turns horrible. I just need a very basic program.
  18. C

    Photo editors

    Hello, We all know Adobe Photoshop dominates the photo editing programs due to many things. I am no expert, and ill want some advice from you. I need a good yet simple photo editing program. Photoshop and CorelDRAW is way to advanced for me. I did a bit of research, and found several good photo...
  19. G

    The Spotlight: Tom's Guide Week In Review

    Welcome to “The Spotlight”—a new weekly column from the editors of Tom’s Guide. We hope to dazzle you with off-beat insights and observations culled from the headlines, office banter, and unusual gear that made its way to our desks. The Spotlight: Tom's Guide Week In Review : Read more
  20. B

    Budget Video Editors

    Hi! I'm kind of new to the video editing scene, but I want to get into making some videos. Mostly videos about reviews or updates on my latest projects. I'd like to be able to do some cool effects with text like in intros and such. So I'm in the market for a sub-$100 video editing software! Do...
  21. X

    Creating 30sec sample audio files

    Hello, I am creating an online music store and would like users to be able to listen to songs before downloading. I know audio editors and encoders can create 30sec sample audio files but they only accomplish this by creating samples one at a time. Is there a way to automatically create sample...
  22. G

    5 Good WYSIWYG Editors for Coders

    There are codemonkeys, and there are codemonkeys who see the world like Neo from The Matrix. 5 Good WYSIWYG Editors for Coders : Read more
  23. G

    Geek Décor

    From the editors of Tom's Guide France: a peek into geek lifestyle--an apartment furnished with geek-friendly gear. Geek Décor : Read more
  24. G

    The Most Powerful PCs of 2008

    Which of these machines would you put on 2008's Most Powerful list? There are a few missing, but we trust the judgment of our French editors. The Most Powerful PCs of 2008 : Read more
  25. exfileme

    Eidos: No Posting Review Scores of Tomb Raider Underworld

    There's nothing worse than publishers influencing/bribing editors, but there's something to be said when reviews can't be published if rated under a certain score. Eidos: No Posting Review Scores of Tomb Raider Underworld : Read more
  26. 5

    any good free audio editors?

    I am looking for a mp3 editor. Are there any free ones worth downloading.? Maybe one that will edit/convert mp3s, waves, itunes, etc. Preferably a safe download. LOL.
  27. G

    Black Hat friendly fire %u2013 press on press hacking

    Las Vegas (NV) – The press at the Black Hat and Defcon conventions have always been somewhat exempt from hacking, but today we saw journalist on journalist hacking with editors from Eweek and News.com as the victims. Black Hat friendly fire %u2013 press on press hacking : Read more
  28. JMcEntegart

    iPhone To Get Third Party Copy/Paste Application?

    A couple of weeks ago we were talking about the 3G iPhone in the office, weighing up the pros and cons. One of our senior editors said he felt the iPhone was lopsided and the fact that the iPhone had no MMS, no copy/paste... iPhone To Get Third Party Copy/Paste Application? : Read more
  29. B

    Stope Stuff: 12 Cool Gadgets for Dads

    MobilityGuru's editors share their top 12 picks for Father's Day presents. Get ready for an interesting mix of mobile devices, including laptops, notebooks, PDAs and other assorted goodies.
  30. G

    Pro Tools Keyboard

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.tech,rec.arts.movies.production.sound,rec.music.makers.percussion (More info?) Dear Pro Tools Editors, Editors Keys.com would officially like to announce the launch of our new Audio Editing Keyboard set for Digidesign Pro Tools...
  31. G

    Cheap Pro Tools Keyboard

    Archived from groups: rec.audio.pro (More info?) Dear Audio Pro Members, Editors Keys.com would officially like to announce the launch of our new Audio Editing Keyboard set for Digidesign Pro Tools. http://www.editorskeys.com/protoolskeyboard.asp?currency= The Keyboard set is compatible with...
  32. G

    No freeware or cheap (< $30) MPEG editors??

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) I've been looking for an MPEG editor. Windows XP has one that would be GREAT except for the fact that it only saves edited files in .WMV format. Tightwad that I am, I looked everywhere I could think of for a free MPEG editor, and found...
  33. G

    Registery Editor

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Hello All Can anyone recommend a good editor? Lots of functions etc. Do all editors allow you to change the same items? Thanks in advance Bye Brett Smith <brettdsmith@tiscali.co.uk> Sun, 20 Mar 2005 22:31:33 +0000 === Posted...