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  1. M

    Really need help about this.

    Hello everyone, I have a little situation and I was wondering if any of you could help me out. So I have what appears to be a DVD or something that has what appears to be 5.1 audio system hooked up to it. I was wondering if there is an easy way to connect those awesome speakers to a PC, as...
  2. C

    Twitch Streaming Audio question

    What does it take to not have my mp3 player, playing into my live stream? Is this hardware or software, I use OBS because it's free.
  3. S

    Software that opens mp3 files by default

    Why does Windows keep setting BS player as default software for opening .mp3 and .pls files ?
  4. I

    Help me please about Pinnacle Studio 15

    My sound files is amr, but I already convert it to mp3. When I play it on the mp3 it's work perfectly, but why I can't edit the full audio in pinnacle studio 15?? anyone can help me? thank you very much
  5. K

    how do I move my mp3 to my micro SD card from my galaxy tab 4

    I have a galaxy tab 4 and I need to know how to move my mp3 to my SD card can someone help me
  6. N

    why wont my MP3 player play the songs that I have put on it

    I have put some songs onto my MP3 player but the songs are not playing. The songs are on there because they are coming up on the computer.
  7. T

    mp3 to wave converter

    I recently had my computer cleaned out, and when I got it back, my bought version of an MP3 to WAV program vanished from my desktop... but can't remember the name of it, but the Icon/Logo was 2 cogs ... can anyone help please.... Thanx in anticipation,
  8. viveknayyar007

    Convert .M4A files to .MP3 in iTunes

    Sometimes when you open your iTunes app to listen to your favorite songs, you might end up having some audio files with format other than MP3 (even though MP3 is the standard for most music players). If you have some M4A files and the app that you use to play music files does not recognize the...
  9. I

    I can't get my mps device to wrk in the car.

    I followed all the directions but the songs that I downloaded to my MP3 player work fine if I'm listening to it , but when I plug it into the USB port in the car (as the car manual instructs) it will only play the stuff that the manufacturer downloaded through the car speakers.
  10. LlamaCat

    Vegas Pro 12 not starting render?

    Hello, I've been trying to edit a video using Sony Vegas Pro 12, but it won't start the render. I add a .mp3 audio file to the .mp4 video, and then try to render it in the "Internet 1080p" setting but the render just won't start. I've tried changing the audio file to .wav but it still doesn't...
  11. P

    MP3 "lossy" compression algorithm doubt

    Hi everyone, I just had a doubt about the .mp3 compression method. I know that when you compress a raw sound file, like a .wav, with the mp3 algorithm, some chunks of data are discarded. (It may sound kinda stupid), i.e when you convert an mp3 file to a wav file, it will not have the same...
  12. M

    I have lost 2 USBs in one month. Files get erased (including USB software). Does that indicate a fault on the portable mp3 pla

    I have lost 2 USBs in one month. Files get erased (including USB software). Does that indicate a fault on the portable mp3 player?
  13. S

    Car Music Player is Playing MP3's from My USB Drive Off-key

    I just hope I'm in the right category. So i finally decided to play music in my car via the USB port on my after-market media player. When i tried it out, i noticed that the music is playing off-key, like 2 notes higher. Now my car has 2 tweeters and a sub-woofer all connected to an amplifier...
  14. C

    What Is The Best FM Transmitter For A Toyota Or Just Any Car To Play MP3/WMA Files Without The Least Interference And Static

    I am searching for a decent unit between $15-40. Anyone have any suggestions? P.S. I am most likely going to use my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to play my music through the transmitter.
  15. P

    can be convert compact disc player to mp3 player?

    I have a onkyo Compact 6 disc changer. model no: DX-C540. Can I convert it to mp3 cd format ?
  16. anupam_luv

    PowerDVD 13 want to edit/manage Playlists, edit tags etc

    I have thousands of mp3 songs on my PC Earlier I was very comfortable with Windows Media Player where I could easily manage my hundreds of playlists, edit mp3 tags like movie name, artiste etc, Direct drag and drop to Playlist etc... But after looking at the popularity of PowerDVD ultra, I...
  17. F

    Playing MP3's in the proper order

    I have a dilemma I can't seem to solve. Here is what I have sent to the vendor: On the chip I have stored only MP3 Format. I’ve tried many approaches. For example Copying in bulk, 1 file at a time etc. I have also changed through file properties things like track # and File name as well...
  18. Wile E Coyote

    Converting Audio music FLAC vs Mp3 format

    Way do people convert to FLAC.It is annoying mainly due to two things one it takes up way more hard drive space.And two a lot of windows player base will not play FLAC even with WMP and all the codecs. I hate it when i have to reconvert back to MP3 format.It takes less room and sounds about as...
  19. G

    Considering buying my first IPod...

    After years of using my Sony Walkman 8GP MP3 player (for FM radio and playlists), I'm considering buying an IPod. My Walkman has aged visibly, and Sony has messed up the E38x series. Other MP3 players have vanished from the shelves in favor of Sony, Apple and Eclipse. I've never owned an...
  20. D

    Looking for an alternative to Itunes to organize my FLAC and MP3 files

    I recently began the process of re-ripping all my favorite music into FLAC. I never liked Itunes and I really don't want to use it to organize all my music. My question; Is there a good application to organize my music in various formats, predominately FLAC and MP3? I want to find something...
  21. goku1234567890

    kkkrrrrrr sound from speakers. Require immediate help.

    My speakers is giving me the kkkrrrrrrrr sound. And when i bring my hand near the speakers it rises. i tried plugging my mp3 to my speakers and there was no kkkrrrrrr sound.
  22. M

    Moving mp3s to a new folder

    Hello I am looking to move my mp3s from a sub folder to a new sub folder for example see below. I am looking to use a bat file, VB script, or Apple Automator command or any suggested program. I have hundreds of folders to go though and would like the process automated. Thank you for help...
  23. T

    how to reprogram a 2gb mp3 multimedia player

    when i tried to erase current music and replace it with new music the disk format was emptied and now pc won't recognize devise to allow me to download music into it. my devise is a china made 2gb mp3 multimedia player
  24. G

    Connectors iPad to mp3

    I'm want to know if there is an adapter to connect my iPad to my mp3 to down load my music?
  25. T

    high storage music player which can play FLAC files and make phone calls/use internet too?

    thats pretty much what im looking for, my music library is huge and it would be really useful to have a music player which i can make phone calls and yes i know cell phones can play music, but im talking about plugging it to audiophile headphones. i want it to be small and great capacity, i dont...
  26. J

    My sony MHC RV 50 wont play burned mp3.Why? Any solution? please reply Thanks

  27. voiidwulf

    Rendered videos twice as long. (VirtualDub)

    When I attempt to save a video in VirtualDub the rendered file is twice as long as it should be. After the actual video ends it just shows a frozen frame. I am using Xvid and Lame MP3. Here is an example with Minecraft: (Ignore mediocre video quality. It is just a...
  28. W

    burn an audio cd disk from mp3 files

    I have 350 meg of audio conference mp3 files can't burn to a cd audio disk to play in car cd player I have about 6 hours of conference meetings that I would like to put on a cd to be played on a cd player, and be used in a car player.
  29. E

    Headphone Problem Help

    My headphones have audio coming through with mp3 files and the like, but for some reason, audio won't come through using YouTube. Any fixes? Oh and I'm running on Windows 7 with a Compaq Presario CQ62.
  30. T

    Java MP3 Assignment Problem

    dfddsadsddsdsddxxdccfcf v bvg gvgfvcfvcfvcfc vcf cc c
  31. B

    Mp3 into 5.1 Audio

    How can i convert a normal mp3 audio into 5.1 Audio in my pc..there is any software to convert this audio' use track in my Video but i am having the Mp3 only not in 5.1 track format....
  32. 2

    Third party replacement for iPod Nano click wheel?

    So my 3rd gen iPod Nano (5 years old now) got included in the washer last month. Two days ago, I charged it and it turned on. Awesome! Not quite. The problem is the click wheel is not working. Now I'm stuck in the setup screen. Is there a way I can substitute/replace the click wheel? Apple's...
  33. gigoe

    Edit Your MP3 File Name

    i want to remove the site info from the mp3 using mp3 tag so how can i remove it ? means i wana mp3 like this 01-tynisha keli ft. Sammie - i wish you loved me not like this 01-tynisha keli ft. Sammie - i wish you loved me i don't need site name as highlighted here i just need to...
  34. J

    Make an audio CD from MP3 files?

    I have an audiobook stored in iTunes as MP3 files and I'd like to convert them to make an audio CD that will play in my car. How can I do it? Thanks.
  35. F

    Media Conversion with VLC (FLAC to MP3)

    I have been trying to convert FLAC files to MP3 using VLC (2.0.6). I Have tried the following steps: Media>Convert/Save Add File (under the File Tab) and Press Conver/Save Button Chose Destination, gave it a name with no spaces, and an extension Here is where I have tried multiple things. I...
  36. N

    what's the matter on my mp3 player?

    about a couple days ago,my mp3 player stop working .well, the problem is, Now it does not display the list of songs, nor does it play anything. When I try the single file mode, it works. Nothing has been changed. The hosts have done an upgrad on the database, but nothing else I am aware of has...
  37. M

    MP3 files but AAC format...possible?

    I have a Lumia 620 which comes with a free 6-month subscription to download DRM-free music. I downloaded tons of MP3 songs from my smartphone using a data connection. When I looked up the MP3 file properties on my PC (with MPC-HC), I noticed that the format was AAC. The bitrate was quite...
  38. F

    Sennheiser HD280 PRO

    can you use this headphones with a portable mp3 player? the sony NWZ B153, how will they hear?
  39. S

    Phone with GPS but without data plan or wifi

    Hello, I'm looking for a phone with: -GPS -Mp3 player -SIM or micro SIM slot -SD/microSD card Optionals: -camera -touchscreen -wifi (but GPS must work without wifi) Without: -data plan I'm in California. I currently have a regular phone (paid $16) and have AT&T (pay as you go plan). For the...
  40. F

    Any working software or online mp3 converter for Youtube?

    Guys,can u name a any really working software or online mp3 converter which will convet youtube videos into mp3 I need this features in software: Resume support will convert randomly on the basis of my given links premium soft does not matter.performance matters If u suggest me online service i...
  41. J

    Computer will not recognize my new hipstreet MP3 player

    Charged it, loaded with songs... now trying to recharge but my computer will not recognize it???? Please help?
  42. voyager1

    Slow uploading to MP3 player via USB

    I have used The Sansa Clip, Clip+ and Clip Zip through the last several years. The one thing that has driven me up the wall is the upload rate for large batches of small files. I have used these MP3 players for audiobooks exclusively. I break the audiobooks into 3-1/2 to 5 minute files, and...
  43. D

    Removable Disk For Mp3

    Help Me
  44. S

    My mp3 player was trashed how to re use it

    my mp3 player was trashed when in trying to format it was not formatting what i have to do ?
  45. J

    My Mp3 player headphone plug/jack is broken

    my head phone jack is acting up on my mp3 player and i have put in different angles to get it work how can i fix it? :(
  46. exfileme

    Amazon Launches MP3 Store Optimized for iOS

    Amazon has bypassed Apple's 30-percent cut and is offering tunes for sale via HTML5. Amazon Launches MP3 Store Optimized for iOS : Read more
  47. T

    About Tania's MP3 player

    I have been having trouble with my new MP3 player it will not turn on, and also my computer does not recognize it. So what shall I do? Is it a malfunctioning one or can with an expert will they be able to coach me through it? So I can download music.
  48. T


    This is Tania I cannot turn on my MP3 player it does not work. I am stuck and frustrated. How do I do it?
  49. S

    Should the hipstreet mp3 be turned on for charging?

    Hello, I just bought a hipstreet clip mp3 player (4 gig) and can't charge or turn it on. (It tuns on for a second and then quits.) Help? Seamus G
  50. edward78

    Pioneer DEH-150MP Single DIN Car Stereo With MP3 Playback for cheaper

    My dad found this for a Christmas present for my mom, but they don't want to spend that much on each other. Is there a place to get it cheaper or a cheaper equal?
  51. L

    How to create \

    How to create "chapters" in a long WAV or MP3 file?
  52. D

    How to unlock mp3 player

    How can I unlock my mp3 and transfer the music that I have on there to my computer?
  53. G

    My receiver wont recognize my mp3 player

    Hello, I bought a pioneer elite sc-61 and the usb port won't recognise my Sony mp3 player
  54. prescient

    ITunesCoder i wanted the mp3 merger and this s/w was included when i open it the dos screen shots down after 1 second haw to use this s/w ? and is it important to use with the merger ? they included it in the merger file . i clicked it anyway . did...
  55. K

    How can i restore a corrupted mp3 music file

    how can i restore a corrupted mp3 music file , am trying to play a record music file on media player and it say the file is corrupter
  56. S

    MP3 files won't play on MP3 car audio - newbie

    My MP3 files (songs) already recorded and saved on my Windows Vista PC show Bit Rates of 64, 128, 160 and 192 kbs. I have copied a selection of these MP3 files from my PC to various formats of CD. When I try to play the MP3 songs on my car's in-dash CD player, an error message appears showing...
  57. S

    OEM DVD-RW w/ Nero 10 (no mp3 decoder)

    Bought an ASUS OEM DVD-RW from NewEgg and loaded the Nero 10 it came with and when I went to burn my first CD from some mp3's I got a message that mp3 decoding is not included in that version of Nero. First, why would they even bother including a copy of Nero if it's not a full version? Second...
  58. J

    2.0 or 7.1 for mp3 files?

    Hello, Im trying to buy Razer Megalodon onboard sound headset - I have a few questions. (Im more worried about music sound than game sound) - Which will be better for music sound? (320k mp3 files) 2.0 or 7.1 ? (razer megalodon has onboard...
  59. E

    Bush MP3 Player Just Flashes Colours At Me

    Hey Guys, I got a young family member a Bush MPK4312BUK for their birthday and am now trying to load songs onto it. I've charged it for the 4 hours recommended and have copy/pasted an MP3 file onto it to try and get it to work. However, taking it out of the computer and trying to listen to it...
  60. thealleycat

    Music playing software that deletes a file(mp3)also form the hard disck not only

    Hi!I need a music playing software that deletes a file(mp3)also form the hard disck not only from the playlist.thanks!