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  1. J

    I can't find a mp3 encoder/decoder standalone software which has adjustable encoding/decoding speed

    I have searched all day on: (Google) , and can't find this software program for windows. All i know is that standard mp3 encoders/decoders operate at a speed of 26 ms per second for every mp3 frame. I want to be able to adjust that setting separately from sample rate/bit rate/kbps/bits.
  2. R

    Hi-res sound micro hifi for 320kbps mp3?

    Hi All, I want to buy a micro hifi for my room (because my room is not that big), so I can connect it to my tv etc. I stumbled on Panasonic SC-PMX80EG. I think this is the cheapest micro with Hi-res audio. The question is, all of my musics are mp3 320kbps. Would it be useless or I can really...
  3. C

    Is it possible to download music to my Sony Walkman Video MP3 Player using my RCA Galileo Pro 11?

    Looking to download music to my MP3 Player.
  4. R

    Mp3 songs not runing on Car stereo

    Mp3 files running on computer but not on my car stereo.
  5. B

    Solved! ID3 auto tagging for unknown audio files

    I have quite a lot of audio files without any metadata. For mp3 albums for me is best mp3tag or tag&rename. They unfortutately doesn't work with these mp3s. Is there anything to add id3 to unknown files or to your own compilations? Winamp, who is already out, was quite good for that at the time...
  6. Q

    How long does a Mp3 player last without charging?

    I am trying to find out how long my Mp3 player will last before I have to charge it. How many hours? What about a Walkman, how long do these last? I would love it if someone could see how long it will be before it goes from full battery to needing charged. Thank you in advance. :)
  7. R

    playing mp3 disc in dvd player

    can i get 5.1 output when mp3 cd is played in a dvd player
  8. C

    Solved! Device to record through audio jack, while still passing audio through

    Hello all, I'm trying to find a device that would allow me to plug in a MP3 cable into one end, and out the other and have the device record the incoming MP3 and output it through the other line. To give an explanation of what I'm trying to do, I have a raceciever device which allows the tower...
  9. G

    Convert WAV to MP3 while keeping file info and directories

    I have ripped all my CDs to uncompressed WAV but I need them as MP3s as well. Since they are all ordered and labeled, is there a software which could do the conversion while keeping the tracks info and recreate directories?
  10. calinpuscas

    Where to buy?

    Guys, I've found a mp3 song on Amazon, and I can't buy it... because I live in the wrong country.... any of you knows where to buy? Thanks for your help!
  11. M

    MP3 won't play music that has been transferred

    We bought the ACPtek C05 and transferred music from our computer to the device via Media Go, as recommended. The playlist shows up under the card folder, but when you select a song to play, it says no files found. The music plays on the computer and they show up on the MP3, but then no file...
  12. U

    Solved! move mp3s from Laptop to mp3player error

    transferring mp3 files from laptop to mp3 player. files play fine on laptop but when i put them on to mp3 player they have like clicks and pops on the track (dont know how better to explain it) and then a message comes up says file error. have to try 5 or 6 times before it will play properly and...
  13. NewsFromHell

    Audio frequency check for 4000+ files

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that I have many old mp3's which are 30 kHz and I want to replace them with better ones, like convert from FLAC to mp3 48 kHz 320kbps. So is there any software that can analyse all my audio files and tell me which ones are lower than 41 kHz? like in a log file...
  14. V

    It keeps flashing on and off and won't go to any menu screen should I hit the reset and if so will I lose all my music

    Wanna fix my mp3 player so I can use it
  15. T

    Convert MP3 to ???

    I'm just looking for something that's as universal as possible in finding a music format that will play in my car. Some MP3s will, some won't...same for WMA and others. [don't post your email address on the forum]
  16. N

    OK recently I tried using youtubr mp3 converter . and it's been cool but ever since last night I can't watch youtube, or take

    youtube wont play after I tried using youtube mp3 converter . and idk what to do. also Instagram videos wont play either
  17. Icarus RunningGod

    Looking for best way to stream music services, radio and own MP3 throughout house

    My house has hard wired speakers in the kitchen that connect to an old school receiver which is located in a cabinet above the fridge. I can play celestial radio and CDs through it. I'd like to be able to stream Spotify through those speakers as well as the music on my PC and also add...
  18. edward78

    Solved! A stereo that will play .mp3 cds & a thumbdrive plugin??? would be good, but no mp3 cd payback...
  19. T

    Chinese mp3 player not playing certain songs

    I copied some songs to my mp3 player and when I try to play the song I get Format error even though the songs are clearly in the .mp3 format.however different mp3 song seem to play while others don't.n
  20. G

    Hipstreet Pilot - how do you copy mp3's to tablet

    Trying to download MP3 songs from SD card to tablet. Also is there a way of copying MP3s from computer to tablet. Has Hipstreet gone as a lot of their sites on the web are unavailable. Thanks
  21. M

    MP3 audio quality

    Is the audio quality of mp3's markedly superior when listening on an mp3 player (as opposed to, say, listening on a laptop with DFX audio enhancer?)
  22. W

    display my MP3 music playlist folders on an SD card

    What Kindle app will display my MP3 music playlist folders on an SD card and let me choose which one I want to hear??
  23. H

    Car's mp3 player: it does read most of files (songs) but not all

    As title says, in my car (ford b-max if that matters)'s mp3 usbdrive player does not read all of the songs on the usb flashdrive. It only reads most of them but not all. Before you ask me: yes all of the songs are in the same .mp3 format. I didn't check if this pattern is for every single song...
  24. J

    How to Convert OGG to MP3 Online and Offline

    How to Convert OGG to MP3 Online and Offline
  25. A

    mp3 wont take new songs

    Hi, I Have a 32 gig mp3 player. I have put about 1800 songs (about 5 gig) on it into different folders. All of them from my computer and they are all working. I have a problem now that I copy or drag songs across, even ones that I have already put there to test them. They will not play either...
  26. S

    MP3 files: recommended bitrate, and how to batch-convert

    I have a large collection of lectures in MP3 format, and I have two questions: 1 what is the recommended bitrate for lectures? I don't want to lose quality, but I also don't want to waste storage space. 2 how can I batch-convert them in a way that will preserve the folder structure?
  27. C

    how to categorize lychee MP3 player audiobooks

    Hi i have a Lychee MP3 player and would like to know to organize my audiobooks so they play in order
  28. A

    Can we record old cassetes into MP3 in this way?

    Hello, I had an old Cassette player, and I had the idea to record the audio into MP3 files by connecting the Headphone jack of the Walkman to the Microphone input of my PC and recording the sound. Will this work, or will this fry my PC? Also, what happens when we connect the Headphone jack of...
  29. M

    mp3 player in car - will it play regular cds?

    Buying a car. Has mp3 player. Will it play regular cds< Help!
  30. D

    Is there any way to change a smartphone gpu?

    i want to change the gpu of my smartphone which is mali t720 mp3.Games lag too much
  31. Y

    pioneer vsx 824-k maximum volume

    is there any way to limit the maximum volume to 50 instead of the maximum? using the iphone i streamed mp3 to the amplifier and by a mistake i touched the maximum volume, so for a few seconds it works on the maximum power and i was frightened.
  32. J

    How do I play a slide show on my vizio E50-D1 tv? There is no pictures option...

    I recently purchased a 50' vizio hd smartcast tv. I am trying to play a slideshow of pictures, saved as .jpeg on my tv with a flash drive as play in the usb port on the tv. Customer service said I had to save as mp3. Isn't mp3 for music? Also, that option isn't available. This is by far the most...
  33. K

    MacBook Pro itunes

    Csn you transfer ITunes on a MacBook to an MP3 player?
  34. Crow-M

    Help to choose 2.0 set

    Hello, Do you have some expierience with this speakers ? Creative T20 II & Genius HF1800A I would like to buy some 2.0 set. Can you recommend me one of this 2 or any other, up to 70€ please :) Feel free but best for me is to choose from here - Alza. Iam not an audiophile at all. Speakers...
  35. P

    MP3 player only shows all songs through car

    Hi, I have recently bought a Sony MP3 player and uploaded a load of songs, when I click through the menu only around 8 albums come up, I thought maybe it ran out of storage (4gb). But when I plug it into my cars system everything that I put into the player comes up on my cars computer screen...
  36. M

    Playing a MP3 audio file in C# Console App

    Hi guys I am making a program where I wan to play a MP3 file as soon as the program executes can anybody explain me how to do so ???
  37. C

    USB shorted out laptop speakers and MP3 jack?

    Hello everyone, so the other day I might have shorted out my laptop. I was working on coding an arduino, and had it wired it up according to a diagram that was for if it wasn't plugged into a computer rather then the one for if it was. Long story short when I plugged it in it shut down my...
  38. K

    Which mp3 player remembers and starts playing from where I left off when device is restarted?

    I listen to audiobooks, where each file can run for longer times. I was wondering if anyone can suggest me an mp3 player which, when I stop listening a song mid-way and switch off the device, upon restarting, the player should start where I left off, and not from the beginning of the song...
  39. N

    MP3 Files used to work but now the don't

    I find music through an online "Youtube to MP3" converter. The files used to play perfectly however now even though I can play these songs on my computer they will not play on my Yamaha CRX-332. Any help or advice you would be able to give would be greatly appreciated.
  40. uTukan

    MP3 skips to last few parts of audiobook, then comes back up to where it should've been?

    The audiobook is split up to 44 parts, it goes 1-9 without a problem, and after 9th it skips to 41st and goes over to 44th, then comes back up to 10th and then it goes fine all the way to 40th. I thought that maybe the part numbers are messed up in the "metadata" (don't know how exactly is it...
  41. A

    Can I my mp3 music through a pioneer sa -1480 amp I recently inherited?

    I recently came into possession of an old pioneer sa -1480 amp with a pair of beautiful Kenwood kl 777x 200 watt speakers. It came with a tx 1080z receiver. Everything works great. The sound is incredible. I'd love to play my digital music files on the system through my mp3 player. Is this possible?
  42. A

    Request for Advice - MP3 DSP S/w

    Hi, For many years I've been using iDFX as my preferred DSP Itunes plugin for offline normalization/enhancement of my entire MP3 library (I'm a freak of order and normalization, sorry). FXsound stopped developing this product quite sometime ago, though it still worked up to past Itunes...
  43. T

    which software to use for removing vocal from mp3 ?

    now i using Audacity . . but Audacity is not perfectly remove some song ..any software to use to remove vocal?
  44. Math Geek

    Need a good Mp3 trimmer

    i finally got around to trimming some of those mp3's i got that have a lot of silence at the end and other such nonsense. problem is the program i grabbed to do it only supports files of 10 mb or smaller unless paid for. i have tried a couple others and hate the freeware run around with sad...
  45. P

    cryptolocker? .RAD files

    Hi, all my jpg mp3 pdf doc etc. files have an .RAD extension (file_name.pdf.RAD). I formated my pc but nothing changed. I forgot to try out the system recovery. How can i decrypt the files?
  46. Q

    Cutting WAV and MP3 Files

    Hi, does anyone know of a program that can trim and split MP3 and WAV files?
  47. J

    3.5mm to XLR

    I recently bought a PA Speaker from JBL. I originally thought I'd connect it to Bluetooth with ease and play music. However, I found that it uses an XLR Cable. [Picture Provided] I proceeded to buy an XLR Cable to 3.5mm and plug it into my phone to play music. HOWEVER, I get the cable, plug it...
  48. A

    MP3 Files low sound?

    Hello , ever since i've used an MP3/MP4 i've always had a very annoying problem...when i download musics from youtube in .mp3 format , sometimes the sound comes very my volume is at 16 and the music sounds like if it was at volume 8...this is really damn annoying , could someone help...
  49. luclucas

    About FLAC and sound quality

    Hello community, I have some questions about FLAC audio files and how would I get a good quality on my music files. Would you be so kind to help me understand a bit of this confusion I got? :) Actually I know that FLAC is an audio file that is compressed but without loosing audio information...
  50. K

    mp3 player closeing automatically?>>>>>>>>>>

    i bought a new lenovo a6000 mobile . if i plug a headset in to my mobile. it automatically closeing the mp3 player in my mobile so i cant able to listen to the musiq. please help me......
  51. O

    Keep hearing myself in my headset

    Okay so I recently bought Turtle beach mp3 headset with inline mic When someone talk they can hear themselves talking through my mic and I can hear myself talking as well, I can hear their echo/feedback and plus they can hear all the background sound I...
  52. L

    how can i tranfer my music from my ohone to the mp3

    Music from phone to mp3 player how to transfer it
  53. B

    wma vs. mp3 quality comparison

    I have an older recorder that records only to wma format. Unfortunately for wider use of the records have to be converted to mp3 so I could play everywhere. The best wma bitrate with this recorder (OlympusDS-40) is 128kbit. After converting to mp3 same bitrate, the sound considerably worse. Will...
  54. C

    Connect Android phone using 3.5mm Mini plug to - Fiber OpticToslink to play mp3 on Denon AVR 4800 Receiver

    Can I connect my android note4 using 3.5mm Mini plug to - Fiber OpticToslink to play mp3 on Denon AVR 4800 Receiver. I had cd juke box player which stopped working. I have tons of mp3 which I want stream through my Denon. How about the audio quality? Any advice will be appreciated.
  55. M

    I have a mp3 bluetooth player attached to my outside bar. I also have sonos wireless sound system. can these be linked toght

    looking to connect a Bluetooth system and sonos wifi to play in sync
  56. Y

    FLAC Lossless MP3 file download problems (high).

    [removed] download lossless music files problems, lossless music is not MP3 files? My download It is FLAC file! [link removed] Please help me.:??::??:
  57. S

    How to delete songs

    I need to know how to delete songs off my simple mp3 player pro.
  58. G

    How do i fix my mp3?

    It plays the songs just fine, then in the middle of one it starts sounding really weird and gets a format error message, sometimes its multiple songs that do this. Thing is, the songs work just fine otherwise, but on the mp3 they really start messing up....why is this? How can i fix this problem?
  59. S

    best way to make an mp3 cd to work with a compatible car stereo

    Hello everyone, I want to make an mp3 cd that will work with my car stereo. my stereo can play mp3 disc. i tried last night using windows media player but I didnt do it right because when I put the disc in my car and it wouldnt read it. I do have a couple of mp3 disc my stereo will play though...
  60. M

    how to connect laptop /mp3 player to play through technics

    hi I have an old technics Hi fi seperates system. I want to know how to connect it to the mp3 player and laptop. I have the RCA leads, just dont know how to do this ? The amp is a Technics CA10, I have no idea which outlet to connect the leads to, I have one black connection lead and one red. I...