Hi-res sound micro hifi for 320kbps mp3?


Apr 16, 2013
Hi All,
I want to buy a micro hifi for my room (because my room is not that big), so I can connect it to my tv etc.
I stumbled on Panasonic SC-PMX80EG. I think this is the cheapest micro with Hi-res audio.
The question is, all of my musics are mp3 320kbps. Would it be useless or I can really feel the difference?
I checked some website where we can test if we are sensitive enough to hear the difference between 128, 320 and wav (or flac), and 6 out of 6 I can distinguish 128 vs 320, but not with 320 vs flac.
If all your files are mp3 then the ability to play higher resolution files won't improve the quality of those files. If the micro system has a processor that is supposed to improve them then you would have to listen to hear if the difference is better to your ears.
Comparing different levels of compression on mp3 files is not what they mean by high resolution. In general it means files with greater than 16 bits and 44.1 sampling rate (CD quality).
These type of files are usually 24 bit 96khz or 192khz files. Some are DSD or DSF files but these are less common.