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  1. M

    My Mp3 player headphone plug/jack is broken

    I plugged an AC adapter into my heaphone jack and plugged the other end into an outlet. I was being stupid apparently. After that I plugged the headphones back into it, but all I could hear was static mainly on one side now and the other side is silent while music is playing. ALL my heaphones...
  2. exfileme

    Youtube-MP3 Fires Back @ Google's Legal Threat

    The developer behind YouTube-MP3 strikes back with the help of two lawyers and a petition. Youtube-MP3 Fires Back @ Google's Legal Threat : Read more
  3. exfileme

    Google Legally Going After YouTube MP3 Rippers

    Google is finally cracking down on sites that rip songs from YouTube videos. Google Legally Going After YouTube MP3 Rippers : Read more
  4. G

    Verizon Intros FiOS Quantum With Up To 300 Mb/s

    For $210 per month, you can now download nine MP3 songs every second. Verizon Intros FiOS Quantum With Up To 300 Mb/s : Read more
  5. J

    How to add a aux input to a home stereo

    Hello, I have a Quasar CR19 at home and i would like to add an aux port on the stereo to listen to my mp3 player. I would like to do as little cosmetic changes as possible but i am willing to do what i have to do in order to achieve my goal
  6. TheBigTroll

    Why can i not put my mp3 files onto itunes

    when i tried opening my mp3 files onto my itunes so i could sync it onto my ipod, it wouldnt let me open the files in itunes. i tried many ways and reboots and still it wouldnt let me. PLLZ help
  7. N

    Were can i find my mp3 player on my iphone 3gs

    can you help me find my mp3 player on my iphone 3gs
  8. douglasw

    Flac Vs MP3

    I just bought a better sound system & also a Audiophile sound card to improve my sound quality...Iv been reading that a flac file has a much bigger Bitrate so the sound quality is much better...So iv been loading some flac files but iv found that Three quarters of the files iv been loading...
  9. vaporfox99

    MP3 Player Selection

    Hello, I'm in need of the communities advice. I'm planning on upgrading to a new MP3 player soon but don't know which to get. I need one with either internal storage (hdd) of 80gbs+ or the ability to upgrade the storage to that area. I've been looking at Archos again, since the one I have now is...
  10. S

    File conversion

    I have a bunch of old jukebox files and would like to convert them to mp3 files, so I can load them onto my ipod. however, jukebox is no longer playable on my pc. Any suggestions how I convert those files and not lose tons of music? Thank you so much!
  11. P

    Mp 4 to 3 conversion

    Hi, I just got a new car and while it has an mp4 player, my current music list has mp3's. What is the easiest way to convert the files? thank you
  12. B

    I cant get the touch screen on my mp3 to work

    Help i cant get the touch screen on my mp3 to work i have hit the reset button and now nothing works on the touch screen. it lights up with the icons but nothing happens when i touch the screen with my finger or a stylus. Help please? I want to listen to my music. Thx!!
  13. Z

    How can I convert a DVD to mp3?

    I have a DVD movie that has a bunch of songs. It's a concert DVD, so you can play through the whole show or select whatever song you like. All I want is the mp3 so I can listen to the music in my car. When I open the file on the computer, there isn't really anything to convert on the actual...
  14. J

    Solution audio problem

    Hello, i want to know how to overcome of audio problem when downloading MP3
  15. T

    Format error for one song on mp3 player

    One song that I want to play on my mp3 player keep coming up "Format Error". Why is it doing this for one song and what can i do to fix it?
  16. M

    Old fashioned phone ringtone

    I want a ring for my cellphone like the old line phones. Can you provide that? My new phone is a 2.OMP. At the bottom it says MP3
  17. N

    Is music on mp3 in fat 16 file format

    Does anyone know if 'standard' music on an MP3 player is in FAT12, 16, or 32 file format?? I have a Sansa Fuse MP3 player I want to connect/play via the USB connection on my Panasonic Blu Ray player; but, when I connect it via USB it indicates it's not in a 'compaitble format.' the only help...