My Mp3 player headphone plug/jack is broken

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Aug 16, 2012
I plugged an AC adapter into my heaphone jack and plugged the other end into an outlet. I was being stupid apparently. After that I plugged the headphones back into it, but all I could hear was static mainly on one side now and the other side is silent while music is playing. ALL my heaphones will not work with the Mp3 player, but they work on my computer so it is NOT the headphones, but the headphone plug on my Mp3 that I somehow messed up when I plugged that AC adapter into it... What do I do? Is there a way to fix this problem I unintentionally created?


Feb 19, 2009
Depending on how much you paid for the unit, its probably not worth repairing. MP3 Players are designed to be replaced, not repaired. You would have a hard time finding a repair facility ho wold even look at it.
I suppose it depends on the value of your MP3 player. My Cowon S9 32GB cost me about $279 when I bought it new back in 2009. If the headphone jack was damaged, then I would bring it onto an electronics repair shop to find out how much it costs to fix.

The price of a new Cowon S9 32GB (when it can be found) is now $230. So for me it would probably be worth the $40 - $50 (just a guess) to get my S9 repaired.
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