Looking for best way to stream music services, radio and own MP3 throughout house

Icarus RunningGod

Sep 10, 2014
My house has hard wired speakers in the kitchen that connect to an old school receiver which is located in a cabinet above the fridge. I can play celestial radio and CDs through it. I'd like to be able to stream Spotify through those speakers as well as the music on my PC and also add additional wireless speakers in other parts of the house, and perhaps even the sound bars of our two TVS (have not bought sound bars yet) thus being able to hear radio, CDs, MP3 etc in most rooms of the house.

From reading older similar threads, SONOS is an option but an expensive one. Also it seems the SONOS will only work with its own speakers and sound bars.

Is there a cheaper or better solution that will do all this? would replacing the old school receiver with a modern wifi equipped one solve some of these issues?
Sonos works in different ways.
The Sonos Connect has digital and analog audio outputs so it can be used with AV - stereo equipment and powered speakers. Add one to your old school receiver.
The Sonos ConnectAmp adds a 60 watt stereo amp that can play 2 pairs of speakers.
Not cheap but I don't know of a cheaper solution that works as easily or as well.