Is there an mp3 player that can manage podcasts?


Nov 9, 2017
I want an mp3 player that has the ability to manage podcasts on the go. E.g. A podcast app and a WiFi connection etc. I want to avoid something that requires syncing/interfacing with a laptop to get the latest episodes.

I want to cut down on using my smartphone but one thing I can't do without is the ability to listen to podcasts. I tried just a cheap mp3 player but it was too much hassle to constantly plug in and download new episodes of podcasts. It also involved knowing beforehand exactly which episodes of which podcasts I'll want to listen to, which is not normally how I like to decide.

I have over 30 podcasts on my feed, some with hundreds of episodes each. So it's not feasible to download them all. Id also need to sync everyday to get the latest episodes.

I would like a device that allows me to access the podcast world but without all the other bells and whistles that exist on smartphones. Does such a device exist?