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  1. Bren Rafi

    Question I need an App To Summarize Long Videos.

    Need Help Catching Up! School videos are sooo long! I can't keep up with taking notes. Even podcasts are overwhelming! Wish there was an app that could shorten long videos and podcasts, just the main stuff, you know? Anyone recommend a video and podcast summary app? Thanks!
  2. magnificent_90

    Question visualize sound to make a podcast

    Hi all, I would like to make some podcasts and I need to visualize my voice in the form of some bars or circles over some background pictures. Can you recommend any Android applications, please?
  3. M

    Solved! apple podcast app

    if i download podcasts through the podcast app (the purple app) on ios devices will it store the podcast files directly in the app and not take up space on my device
  4. G

    21 Podcasts We're Obsessed with Right Now

    The wide world of podcasts offers something for everybody, from news to noir to comedy. 21 Podcasts We're Obsessed with Right Now : Read more
  5. J

    How and what software can add/insert comments and bookmark important parts inside an audio file?

    Hi everyone I have lots of mp3 files including podcast, speech, and conversations with important people who talk about my favorite subjects and like these. Now I like to insert my comments and feedback and also bookmark sections in audio files. Imagine, you listen to a podcast about a...
  6. A

    Is there an mp3 player that can manage podcasts?

    I want an mp3 player that has the ability to manage podcasts on the go. E.g. A podcast app and a WiFi connection etc. I want to avoid something that requires syncing/interfacing with a laptop to get the latest episodes. I want to cut down on using my smartphone but one thing I can't do...
  7. ntbanks924

    Hobby-Farm Podcast Machine

    My wife and I will be moving soon to a location where we will be maintaining goats, chickens, pigs, bees, as well as a plethora of vegetables and fruits. We wish to chronicle our new adventure in the form of a podcast. I would like to spend no more than $500 for a laptop that can manage the...
  8. O

    Condenser or Dynamic mic?

    Hey I'm looking to buy a very good quality mic for livestreaming on Twitch. So background noise will include keyboard mouse and pc fan. I probably can't get it super close to my mouth when I'm playing as you can understand, but I'm buying a mechanical arm, pop filter and shock mount regardless...
  9. R

    Looking for a studio condenser mic + audio interface around $100 - $150 each for podcasting / livestreaming

    I've had a lot of gaming headsets throughout my life and all of them ended up breaking fairly quickly and I've decided to get myself a good set of headphones and now I just need a mic but I don't want a USB mic because I know that an audio interface can be used as a preamp (thing that enhances...
  10. R

    Need a budget mic for a podcast of 2

    Hey there, Me and my friend are going to start a talk-show kind of thing on youtube. For that we need a mic (one mic that is together for both of us. Do not need 2 separate mic). The mic should be under the budget of $80-$100. Can you guys suggest some good ones. Also what type...
  11. sigmIV

    Cursor pausing video and opening tabs in Firefox on two different computers.

    Last week, when I was listening to a podcast on my Surface Pro 3, the podcast randomly paused, most likely because someone clicked the pause button, then the pointer was moving by itself and opening tabs in Firefox (no mouse or trackpad were plugged in). I didn't bother, I just restored the...
  12. R

    Need good podcasting microphone for 4

    Hello Guys. Me and my friends are going to start a podcast show on youtube. It will be like an ameture talk show. So we need a microphone for that. My budget is $60 ( not much right). Anyway i am looking at the blue snowball now but may change my mind. So here i need your help. Can you...
  13. viveknayyar007

    Subscribe to an iTunes Podcast Series

    When using iTunes, you can subscribe to podcasts. Subscribing to a podcast keeps you up to date with the latest episodes. Also, after you are done going through the subscribed podcast series, you can easily unsubscribe yourself from it, and you no longer receive any updates about the series...
  14. A

    Upload a Podcast to iTunes

    Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity. You can put audio shows about any topic under the sun on your tablet, phone, or MP# player. Want to make your own? After you do, here's how to upload it to iTunes so others can listen. Step 1: Record your podcast and save it in a format that is supported...
  15. A

    Submit Podcasts to the iTunes Store

    Podcasts have given people everywhere a chance to explore their passions, discuss their thoughts, and find an audience for both. If you are looking to launch a podcast, you will probably want to host it on your site, but you will also want users to be able to download it on iTunes, as this will...
  16. A

    How to Upload your Podcast to iTunes

    If you are a blogger or just have a desire to publish one of your podcasts to iTunes, you can do so very easily. Your podcast will need to be saved in a format that is supported by iTunes. Those formats include .m4a, .mp3, .m4v, .mp4, .epub, or.pdf. If the podcast is not in one of these formats...
  17. A

    Share a podcast between Apple devices

    Are you a big podcast fan? If you’re also an Apple fanatic, you’re in luck. Apple makes it possible for you to sync your podcasts completely between different devices, including podcast subscriptions, stations, and even playback positions. Take the following steps to synchronize your podcasts...
  18. M

    Best Format for Video Podcast

    I'm trying to decide on the best settings and format to put our podcast in. I tried exporting it as FLV on the best video settings but it still doesn't come out that great. If I put it on AVI with video on best then it looks good but the file size is a whopping 4GB. And that's will take forever...
  19. T

    Any idea why my iTunes podcast downloads are unbearably slow?

    My downloads are quick when downloading large files from any other site (Titanfall took a couple hours), but a 16MB podcast on itunes can take 16-20 mins. Do you have any idea why this would be? (It's to a 5TB internal drive which does not have my OS).
  20. R

    Best microphone for under $150

    I am looking for good microphones for voice recording/podcasting, no singing. I want it to be XLR not USB because usb microphones are generally poop when it comes to XLR mics, also because I want to get the most out of the mic with the RME Babyface. It also must be a cardioid mic (A mic with...
  21. Onus

    Basic but quality / "growable" podcast setup

    I am giving serious thought to doing some podcasts / audio recording, initially limited to commentary, but possibly to grow to include remote guests (e.g. Skype or phone). These might be provided to specific others interested in them, placed on YouTube (if sufficiently well-done; think "Wild...
  22. Narrator

    Galaxy S4: Watch Listen to youtube video (With Screen off)

    Hello Guys, I have been trying to figure out how to listen to a podcast on YouTube using the Galaxy S4 while having the screen locked. I would like this for a couple of reasons, such as Battery life as well as accidentally bumping the screen while running. I have tried looking...
  23. NduPlessis

    Apple Updates Native Podcast App to Curb Competition

    Apple updates Podcast App for iCloud integration, cleaner UI and new Stations feature. Apple Updates Native Podcast App to Curb Competition : Read more
  24. D

    Adding Chapters or multiple Tags to an MP3 Podcast

    Hi there. I am not sure if this question has been raised/ansswered previously, so apologies if this duplicates anything. I am wondering if there is any software available that will allow me to add non-splitting chapters to tags to a single MP3 podcast file (i.e. to denote the name of each song...
  25. G

    Podcast 3

    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc,microsoft.public.pocketpc.phone_edition,microsoft.public.smartphone (More info?) http://x.msmobiles.com/portal/podcasts/Smartphone_News_Review_3.mp3 I am apparently the only one interested in Podcasting about Windows Mobile - no MVP (I asked...