How and what software can add/insert comments and bookmark important parts inside an audio file?


Dec 29, 2015
Hi everyone

I have lots of mp3 files including podcast, speech, and conversations with important people who talk about my favorite subjects and like these. Now I like to insert my comments and feedback and also bookmark sections in audio files.

Imagine, you listen to a podcast about a political event or a conversation between two people about technology. You like to insert your personal comments about some parts of their conversation and also bookmark that parts to see and check them out whenever you want in the future and archive them.

It's important to me to insert comments and bookmark sections (with exact timeline) inside an audio file, so they should be embedded, not out of them like inside a note.

It's also my wish for video files (e.g for my favorite movies), but I should ask it in another forum thread.

Use multi-channel audio editor (Audacity should work). Import original MP3 as one channel, add your comments as second, and bookmarks as third. Keep both files together.