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  1. Graybush

    The Bookworm Gift Guide 2018

    Finding the right gift for the bookworm can be just as hard as putting down a cliff-hanger novel. Our bookworm gift guide has got you covered from start to finish. We include must-have essentials that even the most discerning of readers is sure to enjoy. Amazon Prime Subscription - 99 An...
  2. J

    How and what software can add/insert comments and bookmark important parts inside an audio file?

    Hi everyone I have lots of mp3 files including podcast, speech, and conversations with important people who talk about my favorite subjects and like these. Now I like to insert my comments and feedback and also bookmark sections in audio files. Imagine, you listen to a podcast about a...
  3. L

    Facebook won't load

    Facebook won't load when I go directly from my bookmark ( or when I type in "". It also won't load from google when I click on main link but If I go directly to support inbox or help center it loads no ptroblem. It's like the link is blocked somewhere. It's...
  4. B

    chrome bookmarks helpp

    i made me and my girlfriend separate chrome accounts with our gmail's, but i don't know how to get separate bookmarks? she has stuff she needs to save on the bookmark bar but i also have stuff that needs to be easily accessed and they conflict with each other because we both have a few. how do i...
  5. B

    how to combine several gmail accounts into one?

    Hi I have a couple of gmail accounts registered over the years and some of them works with Chrome and has saved bookmarks, history, cache etc..... I 'd like to transfer all data from these accounts into one for better management. What could I do?? I have already set to forward all mails to a...
  6. G

    Organizing and syncing unidentical bookmark libraries across two computers/browsers.

    Hi, I am wondering what would be the best method to synchronize the many hundreds of bookmarks I have on my desktop PC and on my laptop without having problems with duplicates. I'm a student, so I work on my slow laptop at school during the day and on my much faster desktop at home during the...
  7. G

    Firefox: Disable switching to new tab while opening bookmarks using middle mouse button.

    When I click on a BOOKMARK from the bookmarks toolbar using the middle mouse button, the window automatically switches to the newly opened tab. How do I disable it? I usually work with 10+ tabs. So I want to switch to the new tab manually. (Only when I want to) Thank you.
  8. commissarmo

    Bookmark Every Page Visited with software?

    I visit hundreds of webpages per day - I also have frequent browser crashes because I have about 1000 tabs open at any given time. I'm interested in somehow automatically bookmarking EVERY page I visit - to create a permanent history/trail of the pages I've visited. The History features of...
  9. nikorr

    A double bookmark bar on Google Chrome?

    Hi there, Does anyone know how to get a double bookmark bar on Google Chrome?
  10. G

    Chrome Browser to Get a New Bookmark Manager

    Google is working on a new bookmark manager that is apparently targeted at Chrome's Web UI. Chrome Browser to Get a New Bookmark Manager : Read more
  11. A

    Do I need a webserver for Drupal?

    That is, even though I'm not going to take things public yet? Do you know of a free bookmark manager that doesn't require a Web server?
  12. G

    LightLeafs Promises a Bookmark Revolution

    Bedside lamps are so 2009 LightLeafs Promises a Bookmark Revolution : Read more
  13. W

    Firefox Bookmarks Vanished

    Today I opened up firefox and all my bookmarks and the ones on the bookmark toolbar have disappeared. Does anyone know how I can get these back?
  14. I

    How to recover FIREFOX bookmarks?

    Is there any way to recover a bookmark list created in FIREFOX because after I launched FIREFOX apparently some "glitch" removed them as well as removed my "links" from the upper tool bar ( NO virus or worm or highjack trojan here). I thought maybe the bookmarks reside in a file...
  15. G

    Media Wizard Question

    Archived from groups: (More info?) About ten days ago, TonyD announced that he was able to import Replay's CA Marker File as a Bookmark File in Media Wizard. He then added that this Bookmark File could be added and it would mark the commercials and finally he said "hit go...
  16. Jake_Barnes

    New "List of Lists"

    A good resource and bookmark: <A HREF="" target="_new">List of Lists (updated 7-29-05)</A> ... Edit: Updated 7-29-05 <b>"The Edge - there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over."...
  17. J

    newsgroup for samplitude and sequoia

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Could anyone advise address of newsgroups for Samplitude and Sequoia ? My bookmark suddenly not working !!
  18. G

    What Happened to the Booster Discman?

    Hi, I was interested in purchasing the Oneboss Booster Discman for my mp3 needs (okay, WANTS), but has disappeared. I saw another product that was identical, but called by another name, but I didn't bookmark the page because the Oneboss Booster Discman was priced much...