replacement for old Zune

Jun 8, 2018
My 30 GB Zune finally died. I had it hooked up to a docking station that had speakers. Used the Zune software to load mp3 files from my PC.
I'm looking for a similar setup with whatever's out there now. I want a way to store and manage mp3 files on PC, then transfer to mp3 device which would be connected to some sort of speakers.
I don't need wireless connectivity or batteries -- plug in to the wall is perfect. Do need a way to get and manage files from PC. Don't want to use a cell phone and don't need portability.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
If you search online for a DAP (digital audio player) you will find many in a very wide range of prices. Most of them use SD cards for storage. They can all connect to a PC with USB and you can drag and drop files to the player with no software needed. You can connect the player to any self powered speakers Some have bluetooth for a wireless connection for home and car.
Another option would be to use a Denon Heos speaker. Most of these have USB ports so you could load all your music on a stick. Control is via the free app for many devices. Additional speakers could access the files in different rooms. Also does streaming from the most popular services and internet radio.
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