Connect an mp3 player to a STEREO


Mar 8, 2012
Like most MP3 players, mine has only a Headphone Jack for output while my stereo has RCA jacks for input. As far as I know, these two types of jacks are not compatible or are they?

Last Sat. I acquired a cable that has a headphone plug on one end and a pair of RCA plugs on the other. I haven't used it yet for fear that I could mess-up either of these devices, but I'm so tempted.

Can someone confirm either way?

If the cable I have won't do, what can I use to play my MP3s on my stereo? (I just finished digitizing my entire old CD collection)


Mar 8, 2012

Yes, jaguarskx, that is exactly what I have. I didn't know, however, about the impedance issue between the two. Is this not an issue?

The sales person at Wal-Mart, where I bought the cable. tried to assure me that a cable with 2 headphone jacks connected to the headphone jack on my MP3 and the headphone jack on my stereo would work! I promptly explained that this couldn't possibly work, to which he gave me a puzzled look & then quickly dismissed my argument. So his credibility quickly plummeted to zero with me! :ange:

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