3.5mm to 3.5mm adapter/stub/cable

Feels odd to be asking a question for once but perhaps someone knows what i'm talking about and can save me a bunch of searching.

my dilema is this:

I recently purchased studio monitor headphones (audio technica ath-m50s, but its irrelevant) which come with a 6.35mm/.25in headphone jack. this end screws off to reveal the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. the problem is that though extremely well built the diameter of the housing around the jack doesnt fit through the hole on my phones rubber case. the odd thing is that it fits through my ipods hard case.

i know i have the option of cutting the hole on the case bigger but i'd rather not mangle it up as something like that would bother me. currently i have the phone half out of the case, but that is not an option i would like to be permanent.

my question:

is there a cable (or adapter piece) that will take either the normal 3.5mm or larger .25in plug from the headphones and reduce it to a 3.5mm slimwall design (ie like normal headphone jack thickness) so i don't have to trim the case to fit? i know they make .25in to 3.5mm adapters (not sure about 3.5mm to 3.5mm but this would be ideal) but from what i've seen they all have a rather wide casing around the actual plug (which wouldnt be any better than this current plug).

one-piece solid connector or <4" cable
slimwall male 3.5mm connector one end
3.5mm or .25in connector one end
if cable, i'd prefer heavier gage if possible (headphone is heavy gage)
prefer b&m store (bestbuy, radioshack, guitarcenter) but newegg, amazon, other major non-ebay retailers accepted.

so there you have it, a simple question overexplained. anyone have any ideas of where i'd get something like this?

Thanks community.