Sep 24, 2008
A few months ago I got an awesome deal on a Sony str-da4400es receiver. It works perfectly, the only problem playing music from my ipod requires me to run a cord from my ipod headphone jack to the back of my receiver, which isn't that bad, only if I want to change the music I have to get up and walk across the room to my receiver (yeah I know I'm lazy) or have a cord running across the room. I was looking online for a dmport iPod cradle, but they are almost impossible to find and always upwards of $150 (used, I have been unable to find any new). Every website I see them on says "temporarily unavailable" or something like that, even the sony website, but I can't find anywhere with an explaination as to why. They still seem to be readily available for the walkman and zune at fairly reasonable prices, but not for iPods. Did they stop making these and if so, is there any way to work around this to be able to use my receiver's remote to control my music, or just make it so I can choose music without having a cord running through my living room?
Any help is appreciated.