Suggestions for a new mp3 player with


Aug 27, 2011
Hi to all!

I use to listen my mp3 music by sony mp3 player. Unfortunatly, those models have at max 32gb.
I need somethings more strong. These are the feature I need :

- 120-200giga
- High Audio Quality (maybe with an equalizator)
- I need to delete the files (mp3) directly from the Mp3 player, not only by the Computer
- Manage playlist (maybe m3u)

Any suggestion? I prefeer to avoid the Apple products (like iPod, which I find a bad audio quality).

i've never used them but what about the zune?

also do a search on for mp3 players and look through some results for the higher capacity models.

you will need to use a computer in some fashion for all mp3 players. how exactly are you to get your songs onto the mp3 player to begin with if you do not own a computer? also, why would you need to be able to delete songs on-the-go? i know certain devices which connect to the internet can delete/modify on the go but static devices might not offer such features. EQ are normally present on all decent models.

Personally i rather dislike apple as a company, and really wish itunes was much more user friendly, however, one has to admit that their product has quite alot of merit. i have an 80gb ipod that is over 4 years old and still works perfectly. i still get about a week of listening out of it (for at least 10 hours a day!). as far as audio quality, you could always come out the data port and use a mini-amp if you prefer. i find the audio quality to be fine myself.