IPod Touch 4g AC Charger Issue


Apr 21, 2006
Sorry if I posted this in the wrong category. Nothing else seemed to fit.

I bought a Rocketfish Mini/Micro USB AC Charger (Model Number: RF-ERAC01) from Best Buy as a Christmas gift to a family member for them to use to charge their iPod Touch 4g. Descriptions are as follows (ad verbatim from the back of the box):

- Compatible with most eReaders
- Compatible with most micro or mini USB charging devices
- 5v 1A output
- Includes: USB AC Adaptor, 1.5m USB to micro USB cable, 1.5m USB to mini USB cable

Although I realized that it said "Mini/Micro USB AC Charger" on the box, I assumed it was universal, as the Mini/Micro USB cables were included as separate accessories.

Before making the purchase, however, I did look at an alternative USB charger that was designated specifically for an iPod Touch 4g, or at least it was in the iPod Touch 4g accessory section. In terms of power, the said charger also stated a 5v 1A output. So, I thought it was safe to assume that the Rocketfish USB charger would work in the same way.

The Rocketfish USB charger works with my iPod Nano 2g. However, it does not work with an iPod Touch 2g or iPod Touch 4g. I've tried using different outlets around the house and different USB to iPod charging cables, but nothing seems to work.

Maybe there is something I'm misunderstanding. I was hoping someone here could help me with this. Thank you.


There is a variation in voltage requirements within the iPod range between 12v and 5v.

Also there are sometimes issues, certainly on some non-Apple products, where a device won't charge unless connected to a computer -- a handshaking requirement I suspect

Personally I'm annoyed by the non standard connectors on iPods (not to mention the vile iTunes) so my experience is limited to an ancient iPod Mini (12v) and I have no intention of buying another iPod.

Simplest answer is to return the charger and buy one designed specifically for connecting to Apple products that covers both voltages.
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