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  1. barryallen82

    Solved! Advice Needed: Need a *SMALL* Android Smartphone

    Hi there, I am in the market for a new phone; and am not at all fond of these massive 5 - 6" + behemoths that dominate the market. I'd very much appreciate suggestions for Android phones in the 4.2" to 4.8" size range. My spec requirements are modest: 1.5 - 2 GB RAM and 32 GB ROM will be...
  2. 0

    Solved! MTK6595 no 4G/LTE

    Hello, i have some problem with the 4G/LTE network. I installed MTK Engineering Mode Start (inside -> MTK Settings -> BandMode -> Sim1 -> only GSM Mode and UMTS Mode but nothing LTE mode ) WIFI works fine. Is my phone supported in Europa ? How can i fix this...
  3. S

    How to have PC only use one internet connection instead of a faster connection?

    Need some tech help. Using 4G connection for streaming, but need to stop my PC from using that connection for everything else but OBS. Any tips? I can get it to use the 4G connection in OBS fine, but because it's a faster speed that my regular internet, it's also using that for anything else...
  4. M

    Are these parts compatible with eachother?

    NZXT H700i Ninja Midtowermodel NZXT Kraken x52 RGB I7 6700K / 4GHz 8MB cache Msi MPG Z390 Gaming pro Carbon AC Asus Geforce RTX 2060 6GB Dual OC Seasonic Focus plus Gold 850W Seagate 3TB HDD NZXT Aer RGB 2 HF-28140-B1 Fan And 4 GB × 4 Memory Can you built with these parts a good gaming pc? If...
  5. D

    Solved! How can you fix cracks in a 4g lte phone

    My 5 year old brother got my phone and put it under a towel and my stepsister knew but didn't do anything about it
  6. S

    Solved! My jio 4g sim is not work in my Xiaomi Redmi 4, 3gb ram ,32 internal memory but the sim is work in any other mobile.

    My jio 4g sim is not work in my Xiaomi Redmi 4, 3gb ram ,32 internal memory but the sim is work in any other mobile what can I do for this problem.
  7. S

    i dont know to reinstall my files from my samsung j2 4g duos

    i dont know to reinstall my files from my samsung j2 4g duos......
  8. U

    Will adding extra 4gb ram smoothen the gameplay ?

    I have nvidia 820m 2gb vram and ddr3 4gb ram, some games stutters while playing. will adding 4gb ram smoothen the game play or do i need to better graphics card ?
  9. T

    It has n o sim card it was lost

    Can i use this r my LTE 4g lgl8l2v
  10. S

    Will AT&T sim work in 4g lte tablet?

    i have a Verizon 4g lte tab, and an AT&T SIM card. Will this tab work w the sim?
  11. S

    how to get my 4g working again

    i cant call out on my phone ive reset it my data says its on but no 4g symbol airplaine mode is off and i cant talk to a real person
  12. Y

    Solved! how to activate sd card in ivoomi smart 4g mobile?

    how to activate sd card in ivoomi smart 4g mobile?
  13. A

    My Airtel 4g has lost, I want to know the location of the lost sim card

    I want to know the location of my lost sim card
  14. T

    Unlock my ZTE phone I forgot the pin

    Forgot my pin number on ZTE 4G cell phone how do I unlock it
  15. E

    I need a answer asap

    How many games can I run with 4g of ram and a 500gm of memory
  16. M

    unlock 4g volte

    Unlock 4g volte
  17. S

    Was sent Samsung 4G LTE and it does not allow me to use any sim that we have in Ghana's

    Looking for solutions to help me use another sim apart from the Verizon sim
  18. S

    For karbonn aura power 4g

    I cannot disable safemode in my phone karbonn aura power 4g
  19. H

    Please recommend me a $50 phone.

    I am looking for a non smart phone for max $50, but I am not sure I get the 2G/3G/4G voice thing. Can I use an old Motorola V3, or how about the Nokia 222? All I want is a calling phone with a large battery that can be used the next 3-5 years.
  20. K

    I have a galaxy 4G I've lost some of the photos on it and trying to get them back

    [don't post your email address on the forum] I am over 60 I just wanted my photos back
  21. L

    Solved! Can i see a picture on how to put a sim and sd card in my LG tabet

    Verizon. LG vk810 4G tabet i need to drr s picture were thr sim andSD card go
  22. T

    Once I am done using my tablet in the wifi direct mode and renamed my device if I want to go back to 4g lite with T-Mobile wha

    I have a Alcatel a30 tablet am going to purchase screen beam mini 2
  23. T

    Should i Buy Comio Mobiles?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a new 4G mobile phone and came to know about Comio smartphone but I am a bit confused about buying. Can I trust this brand, its a new brand launched in India last year.
  24. S

    Unknown no sim blocked

    I have airtel 4g sim but,i forgot it 's official no now it's blocked how can I unblock it?
  25. O

    5s Data displays E instead of 4G LTE

    My phone is an unlocked 5s. I switched carriers from Cricket to TMobile One however now my data shows either no service or E instead of 4G LTE. As a result I'm now experiencing dropped calls. With Cricket I didn't have these issues. Any suggestions on how to resolve this? Could it be as simple...
  26. A

    how can I use a 3G sim on my 4G feroX1 phone

    I am using Fero X1 phone which is 4G phone. But my sim card is 3G so I am having a problem of accessing the internet. I need a help as to how I can use the 3G sim on this 4G phone. Thank you
  27. I

    Verizon 4G LTE Tab 4 problems suggestions?

    My Verizon 4G LTE Tab 4 will not let me access the menu or even settings. When I power it on it only has one app on it and will not let me click anything else. The hard reset pulls up fine but when I chose “wipe data/factory reset” it will restart my tablet without pulling up the “Yea- delete...
  28. U

    I have s6 edge.celular data not working access point name everything settled 4g sign appearing but net browzing not working p

    Apn settings setelled acording to my country network settings 4g sign appearing in my s6 edge but net browsing not working pls fix it
  29. S

    LG 4G LTE charging input melted How can I charge?

    The port where I plug in charging cord melted when I was charging. Is there any way to charge the battery, either in or out of the phone? It works when I have a battery with power. THANK YOU!
  30. P

    My sim card is lost and i don't know about it where is it so how I am find my sim card

    It's a idea 4g sim which number is [# removed]
  31. M

    4G LTE and UTMS

  32. 5

    what laptop should I get

    LENOVO ThinkPad L450 2.3Ghz i5-5300U 4G mem or Lenovo Ideapad V460 Intel Core i5 2.53Ghz 4GB I tried looking them up here's what I got I'm on a budget http://psref.lenovo.com/syspool/Sys/PDF/ThinkPad/ThinkPad%20L450/ThinkPad_L450_Platform_Specifications.pdf...
  33. K

    disconnetcs when switching from 3G to 4G

    Hello, i just got oukitel k6000 plus and have one small problem. when i play mulitplayer online game, and my network switch from 3G to 4G or other way, it disconnects me. This didn't happend on my previous phone. I tried to limit my network to 3G, but that's just slow. Is there a way to solve...
  34. S

    my HUAWEI MT7-CL00 network service issues

    Can't use 4g or 3g on my HUAWEI MT7-CL00 network, they use to tell me sim card removed. I need the password to decode it, they request only China Telecom
  35. S

    PCIE wifi card with bluetooth and 4G LTE for laptop

    PCIE wifi card with bluetooth and 4G LTE for laptop to replace existing stock wifi card on laptop Does such PCIE card exist? Will it work as plug and play?
  36. F

    Asus eee 701/4g freenas_nas4free?

    I wonder is there anyone who had luck with freenas or nas4free instalation on asus eee 701/4g? .. I'm stuck with this one, even with ancient 0.69 rci or 7.1 freenas instalation, when boot from usb stick or cd, at the end freenas just wont start interface, also it wont set lan IP address, just...
  37. A

    What is AMD Meso xt ddr3l 4g??Help fast

    Ever heard of this gaming card or is it name for some other amd card ?? It says it has a dedicated memory of 4gb...so how will it's performance be like?? How well will this card go with i5 6200U ..8gb ram... Can these specs run gta v smoothly?? Thanx n regards
  38. M

    Tablet with Phone function?

    Heya. i'm trying to find tablet with phone function, i have found only few, As i see http:// ~ has some 4g tablets? Can someone recommend any tablets with phone functions? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  39. C

    Connecting a USB Camera to a Moto G 4G lte

    Can one connect a USB Camera (endoscope) to a Moto G 4G lte? I am on OS 5. Does anybody have any experience with this? Any setup instructions anywhere or is it dead simple? Any tips? Thanks
  40. T

    My phone iball blink 4G

    My phone iball blink 4G colour golden
  41. M

    IFix my att lg g2 4g not working but now I can't make calls

    Hi there I got a lgg2 att phone and I'm useing it om t mobile at first my calls work but the internet did not I fix that but now I can't make calls please help thanks
  42. R

    unlocked need 4G

    Purchased Unlocked Samsung LTE 5 smart phone. Using T mobile. Cannot get phone to operate @ 4G. Will either indicate 3G or GSM...I am a cell novice...can you help?
  43. R

    How to set your default download location to SD Card on LG K8 4G

    My phone is running low on space and i dont know how to move the download location to SD Card. My phone is LG K8 4G please help.
  44. L

    How can I connect a Verizon, 4G unlocked Galaxy S5 to T-Mobile account?

    I purchased an unlocked Verizon 4G, Galaxy S5 and want to connect it using my T-Mobile SIM card and account. I can use the phone but cannot connect to the internet on my account unless I'm using the Wi-Fi connection. How can I set up this phone to work seamlessly with my T-Mobile account? Thank...
  45. D

    yamaha rx-381 receiver, no sound dvd player

    have a 4g ultra hd tv and yamaha rx-381 4g ultra hd receiver. have hdmi cable run from tv to receiver. when playing dvd, i have no sound.
  46. S

    Meaning of 3G or 4G support in phones?

    Hi, What does it really mean by smartphone has 3G support or 4G support? What makes the difference in terms of compatible to 3G or 4G in smartphones? Is there any specific hardware system is used in mobile by which we can say it supports 4G or its supports only 3G?
  47. G

    AT&T Unite Explore Is the Perfect Hotspot for Parents

    The AT&T Unite Explore mobile hotspot gives parents peace of mind by letting them set usage schedules and filter out objectionable content. AT&T Unite Explore Is the Perfect Hotspot for Parents : Read more
  48. R

    My verizon s5 which is dual cdma/gsm .myself using gsm now but data is not supporting 4g in reliance in india.wat to do to cha

    My verizon s5 which is dual cdma/gsm .myself using gsm now but data is not supporting 4g in reliance in india.wat to do to enable 4g services
  49. J

    Asus X540SA RAM

    My new Asus comes with 4G ram. It is expandable to 8G, but I cannot find anywhere that tells me which additional 4G ram I need. Help please?
  50. T

    Early 2011 Good?

    Hey I have come here to ask if the early 2011 Macbook is worth it for $350. It has 4gb of ram and is in good condition. I am buying of Craigslist and wanted to know if this will be good to have for 3 years for web browsing and a couple of other low priority things. Does it still do a fast job at...
  51. G

    a verizone 4G lte phone was sent to me from America and its not working here in Nigeria it actually came with LG sim

    Im having problem unlocking a 4G lte phone sent to me from united state of america and I'm in Nigeria the phone actually came with a Verizon LG sim card in it.
  52. A

    Where can I find a Verizon phone that doesn't have a Sims card and is not prepaid and is not a 4g

    Trying to get a phone I can c with but cannot have a sims card has to b a 3 g and is not a prepaid cell phone but has to be a Verizon phone
  53. A

    Connect Reliance Jio 4G Mobile with TP-Link TD-W8968 ADSL Wifi Router

    Hi There, Greetings...!!! In fact, I have already visited URL of this Forum = http://www.tomsguide.com/forum/id-3118032/wifi-router-range-extender-smartphone-hotspot.html From there got the idea to get Connect Reliance Jio 4G Mobile with TP-Link TD-W8968 ADSL Wifi Router. Can anybody suggest to...
  54. K

    which one better

    im looking for a gaming laptop msi GT72S 6QE Dominator Pro G ( gtx 980 4g ) or ROG G752VY ( gtx 980 4g) ? ram 8g or 16g ? which one will be better ? ( sorry for bad english )
  55. B


    it wont turn on but it blinking red so must be on
  56. B

    mobile broadband/internet connection e.g 3G/4G

    Hi i've got a Lenovo laptop that it could insert a SIM card. However, I realize that it might not have the hardware necessary to get onto the internet. The SIM card slot might be simply useless. However, what can I do to make the laptop access the mobile internet? I DO NOT mean WiFi. I mean...
  57. W

    How do I fix my dropped tablet that is a 4G lte Samsung because the screen is frozen or is messed up

    The tablet that is broken is a 4G LTE Samsung it was accidentally dropped in the screen is frozen in the lights in it or on it is flickering for some reason but I can still use the volume button but all else I can't see anything on it it's like it's pitch-black and I really need some help.
  58. K

    Straight talk version

    So does this mean until Vz offers 4G/LTE those with straight talk/Vz phones won't be able to access the Internet?
  59. C

    my msi r9 380 idle temp

    my msi r9 380 gaming 4g idle temp. is this fine? I tried using msi afterburner to let the fan spin even if its on idle but when I play the gpu usage will fluctuate.
  60. I

    Using CDMA phone on GSM

    I have a iphone 6 running verizon up to 4g LTE service. I read somewhere that if I put my CDMA sim card into a GSM unlocked phone 4g and only 4g will work. Is that true? I really dont mind only having access to 4g due to the fact 3g is too slow to be used for me. Im looking into getting a budget...