Question MTK6595 no 4G/LTE

Sep 21, 2019
Hello, i have some problem with the 4G/LTE network. I installed MTK Engineering Mode Start (inside -> MTK Settings -> BandMode -> Sim1 -> only GSM Mode and UMTS Mode but nothing LTE mode )

WIFI works fine.
Is my phone supported in Europa ?
How can i fix this problem with no 4G/LTE ?
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Thanks in anticipation of your understanding.
You are talking different issues here.

First, if the phone will work in whatever country you are visiting in Europe will depend on what carrier/service provider you are using. Are you trying to use the one you use back home (where ever home is) or did you get a SIM from a company to use while traveling (to what ever country/countries traveling to)? The carrier/service provider is the one that can tell you if the phone will work for them and in the location(s) you will be in. No one else can. Different carriers/service providers use different networks and have different requirements, so while a phone may work for one, it won't work for another. Contact the company (carrier/service provider) you plan to use where you are going and they can tell you if the device will work.

Second, as to the lack of 4G, again that depends on the carrier/service provider being used. Just because the phone is capable of it doesn't mean the company you are getting the service through actually allows for 4G or if they do have it, they may not have it in the area you are. It isn't like with major cities where the whole place will tend to have the service. Different areas, different coverage. Visit the service carrier's/service provider's site (or call them up) and check the coverage areas.

And third, as to the software not working for you as you had hoped, you have to contact the creators of the software to sort that one out.