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  1. J

    I have a iPod touch

    I have an iPod touch 4th generation and it's on disabled mode did anybody know how to get that off without using a laptop
  2. PhilipMichaels

    The iPod Nano Is Dead, but the iPod Touch Just Got Better

    Apple has removed both the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle from its lineup, while doubling the storage on the iPod touch. The iPod Nano Is Dead, but the iPod Touch Just Got Better : Read more
  3. E

    iPod touch goggles

    Will vr headset work with iPod touch 6?
  4. P

    iPod touch Bluetooth speaker and listening to music from the dock at the same time

    Hello We think we have an iPod 4th gen with iOS 6. When we pair to a Bose speaker we don't get any sound from the dock. Is this normal? Thanks so much Winnie
  5. D

    iPod touch and Google Cardboard.

    I'm considering getting an iPod touch and am also curious about VR. Am I right in thinking that a Google Cardboard headset compatible with an iPhone will work just the same with an iPod touch?
  6. M

    Tether wifi from phone to Ipod without root or data

    At school, Many individual devices were blocked from the wifi due to state testing. (The password remains unchanged, and when input it, its says there's an issue). My Ipod touch 5th gen is one of these blocked devices. My andriod phone was not blocked and can still access the wifi. It also has...
  7. S

    iPod touch fifth generation, black screen, hard reboot doesn't do anything.

    Hey guys, So last night my iPod (5th gen) was charging. I pressed the home button to turn on the screen and the screen remained black, I pressed the power button as well to no avail. I tried doing a hard reboot (held power and home button for over 30 seconds) and the screen remained black. It...
  8. L

    Ipod touch or iPhone

    I can get a iphone 5s for $230. Or a ipod touch 6g. I have $300 and would use WiFi only but like the iPhone because of fingerprint I. D.. I have herd people say the latest ios update slowed down the iPhone. So what one should I get
  9. B

    Worth upgrading phone?

    I currently have a moto g I got about a year ago. I was thinking about upgrading to the new ipod touch 6. I only use wifi and I have a main cell phone for texting and call. So would it be worth upgrading?
  10. U

    Nvidia Shield TV vs iPod Touch 6th Generation

    I am going to buy one but I don't know which one I should go for considering they both have attractive prices ranging from $200 to $300 (for my budget). iPod Touch pros: It is portable (I can use it in my bed while relaxing/listen to music on the go). More uses (camera, gyroscope, etc). Its...
  11. L

    Turn I pod touch into apn

    Apn on a iPod touch?
  12. J

    YouTube app on iPod touch not working keeps exiting out

    Youtube on iPod touch keeps exiting me to my home screen how do I fix it
  13. Akalanka Umayanga

    IPod Restore erro "14" How to Fix ??

    I have a Ipod touch 4th Gen its in recovery mode...... when i try to restore it iTunes give me an erro "14" I even try putting my ipod to DFU Mode by Redsn0w..... Please Help Guys........
  14. M

    Apple ipod touch 5th generation - is it still viable ?

    I am currently in a predicament whether to go for the ipod touch 5th gen 32gb model. I already am using an android phone and been an android user for a long time so changing to iphone isnt an option. However i listen to a lot of music and hence it ends up draining the phone battery and also want...
  15. D

    is there a setting in android 4.4.2 to autofill email

    Hi, I would like to know if there is a function or app or tweak or whatever that can fill in my email when i double press @ i had a function like this on my ipod touch (jailbroken) in which i could choose what words or series of characters i could use and automatically fill in another word. I...
  16. A

    How to Set a Volume Limit in iOS 11

    Today’s kids don’t realize how harmful it can be to listen to the music at high volume, especially while using the headphones. Because you can’t watch your kids round-the-clock, your iOS 11 device helps you limit the maximum volume level that anyone can have while listening to the music. This...
  17. J

    How to Enable the Pocket Share Option in iOS 8

    Enabling the Pocket share option on iOS 8 takes just a few taps on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Once enabled, you'll be able to share to Pocket using any app that's integrated with iOS' native share function (i.e. Safari). Here's how to set up the Pocket share option, for saving webpages...
  18. 1

    how do I transfer pics from disabled ipod 5 touch to pc

    I am trying to copy pictures using Explorer DCIM folder of my nieces disabled iPod 5 Touch (she forgot her password). We are using an old emachine D620 laptop, the OS is Win Vista. Once I am able to get her "I gotta have my pictures..." Then we are going to reset to factory settings. Any...
  19. J

    if frame of iPod touch is bent can it be fixed

    My screen is cracked and my frame is bent
  20. G

    Purchase Ipod Touch 5g Now?

    I was considering buying the Ipod touch 5g because I need a new mp3 player and I like the ios. I have heard rumors that a new one will come out soon. Should I take a risk and buy the current gen or wait until the fall?
  21. Aidan Sweeney

    iPod Touch [?] Problem

    This just creeped the living daylight out of me. [I freak out sort of easily...and I love my electronics] I watch a lot of YouTube videos on my iPod touch. I was just looking through one of my playlists. Then, all of a sudden, I see some red lines on the left side of my screen. I lock my iPod...
  22. G

    TRade apple ipod touch 5th gen?

    I have a 5th gen ipod touch 16gb from early 2014 with no rear camera for $230 apple just released a 5th gen 16gb for the same price with a back camera for $200. Can i trade my current iPod for the current iPod.
  23. Samington28

    Ipod 5th Generation Problem

    I have a 5th generation iPod touch. I lost it and it was found by a nieghbor, I guess they tried to guess the password several times because now it say "connect to iTunes." The computer it was setup with broke and we dont have it anymore. Is there any way to bypass it with out resetting...
  24. E

    Ipod Touch 5th gen wireless charger

    I am looking to buy a cheap wireless iPod touch charger.
  25. G

    How Jailbreaking Puts Your iPhone at Risk

    Many people 'jailbreak' iPhones without realizing the security risks. Here's what jailbreakers need to know, and do, to keep devices safe. How Jailbreaking Puts Your iPhone at Risk : Read more
  26. D

    Nice over the ear headphones?

    Nice over the ear headphones. not too expensive, thinking about $80. Mostly for music, does not need to have mic, without mic is preferable. Would like quality equal to Turtle Beaches. They also need to work for IPods, so no 3 cords like my turtle beaches. All help is appreciated, thanks!
  27. L

    Can I purchase an unlocked phone to use as an iPod Touch?

    Am I able to purchase an unlocked smart phone from Amazon to just use without the phone/data services? I heard you still need a SIM card to activate it though, so would it be smarter to just buy an iPod Touch 5G or purchase a potentially cheaper smartphone.
  28. L

    iOS help please

    So I just got a iPod touch 5g and it comes with ios 7.0.4 and there is an update for ios and it is 7.1. But the thing is that I want to jailbreak it with evasi0n and it can go up to ios 7.0.6 for jailbreaking Is there any possible way that it can update to ios 7.0.6 and not 7.1 I'd you can...
  29. V

    Ipod touch 5th generation. Computer can't find the drivers.

    Hi there! I'm have a huge problem with my Ipod touch 5th gen. I downloaded Itunes and then plugged my ipod into my computer. What happened is that my computer couldn't find the device driver for my Ipod. I went onto my mom's laptop and installed Itunes and plugged my ipod into it. It read my...
  30. M

    Jailbreak ios 6.1.5

    Hi I want to be able to jail break my iPod touch but I can't at the moment with jailbreakme. I want to use this software to do so and I was wondering when it will be available and is jailbreakme 3.0 the latest version Thanks
  31. H

    iPod Safari Pictures

    So whenever I Google images on my iPod touch 4th Gen, some are blurry and some load just fine, anyway to fix it?
  32. C

    IPOD touch 2g wont be restored

    I have an IPOD touch 2g and I went to jailbreak it and it didn't work after. It just shows the USB plugging into itunes icon. And when I plug my ipo into my computer it charges the ipod but it wont be recognised by itunes or my computer. when I go into device manager it does not show up at...
  33. A

    Ipod touch 4gen or Ipod touch 5gen

    Ipod touch 4gen or Ipod touch 5gen, im looking to get one, i dont really care which one but I want to know if it is worth it to buy an ipod 5 for the extra 160 dollars
  34. T

    iPod Touch 4g vs iPhone 4

    I already have a iPod touch 4g but I want to sell it and buy a iPhone 4 ($80). I have watched videos on speed comparisons and the iPod Touch 4g seems to beat it only having 256 mb of ram and the same processor. Is it worth the upgrade? Not going to be using it as a phone until I have more money.
  35. Leveland

    Sudden iPod touch earphone stops working on one side?

    I was just playing games with my earphone on iPod touch, when suddenly the left side of the earphone stops working. At first the both was fine. The right side still in good condition. On the left side it stops working, when i twist and turn the earphone plug the left side hears little of the...
  36. G

    Ipod Touch 3rd gen questions

    A buddy of mine offered to sell me his old ipod touch 3rd gen 8gb for 50$. I've never owned an ipod before and would like to know a couple things before buying it. First, are you forced to buy your songs off itunes or can you transfer music from your PC to your ipod? Second, are there any...
  37. J

    NEED HELP, "erase all settings" on ipod now bricked!

    so i used the "erase all settings" on my ipod touch 4g so i can sell the ipod and it keeps restarting. i know that it says this process can take several hours, but it's been 12 HOURS! i'm pretty sure it's bricked now. but that's not the big problem. my HOME BUTTON IS BROKEN, so i can't...
  38. R

    Do I need a soundcard for my new sp2500s?

    I just ordered the Corsair sp2500s online, but I read a lot of reviews saying that unless you use FLAC files and a good sound card, it won't sound as good as it can. Is this true? And if so, what card should I buy? I need it to not be too expensive (I'm no audiophillac, but I do like good...
  39. alexisNYK1

    Ipod touch music to iphone 5...is there an easy way?

    I have had an Ipod touch and i just got the iphone 5 and i wanna transfer all the music from the itouch to the iphone. Ive only been able to transfer all the other stuff except the music. anyone have a solution? aside from doing it one song at a time.
  40. W

    ISO Software Update for iPod TouchDevice

    I need to update iOS 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 on my iPod Touch in order to downlaod a application. please help!
  41. exfileme

    Amazon Instant Video Now on iPhone, iPod Touch

    Amazon has added the iPod Touch and iPhone to its short list of Instant Video-compatible mobile devices. Amazon Instant Video Now on iPhone, iPod Touch : Read more
  42. H

    Iskythe GBA4IOS how to install on ipod touch (xcode export)?

    Hello, im trying to play gba games on my ipod touch 5g ive done some ipa hacking (50-50% work) and ive found GBA4iOS by iskythe (https://github.com/iSkythe/GBA4iOS) and was just wondering how to put it on my ipod ive downloaded the file GBA4iOS-master and extracted it and dragged the folder to...
  43. S

    Samsung mobile problem you help

    i have use in samsung dues gte2652 model, my problem is i go to sound profile iselect the optoins normal or silent or driving any itouch then phone will be restarted what can i do
  44. exfileme

    AOC Ships Cool 23-inch Monitor With Built-In iDock

    AOC has released a new 23-inch monitor that features a 30-pin docking station for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch. AOC Ships Cool 23-inch Monitor With Built-In iDock : Read more
  45. Cy-Kill

    Bought An iPod Touch, Need Apps!

    First & foremost, are there any amazing media players that make Apple's vanilla one look bad? And, any other apps you think I should look into, preferably free at the moment.
  46. A

    What is the cheapest device that use one of these OS's?

    I am trying to use the square app to process credit cards for my job. I dont have allot of money. The Square app only works with a few devices with wifi and OS. Should i get an ipod touch with iOS 4.0 or up? The app also works on Google Android devices running 2.1 and up. Is a cheap ipod touch...
  47. C

    IPod Unresponsive

    hello, this is my second post on Tom's hardware. My ipod touch (3G) has been having problems recently. I'll list the problems and possible contributors in order. -Got Ipod screen fixed -Dropped it, got a small barely noticeable crack in a corner. -Several months later, the screen is having...
  48. J

    Trouble Installing iTunes 64 bit on Windows 7

    Hello, I have Windows 7 Home 64 bit on my Acer Aspire 7745-7949. I just recently purchased a new 4th gen iPod touch. I am trying to install iTunes and it gets through most of the installation and then towards the end it comes up with an error that says "An error occurred during the installation...
  49. W

    Off-the-cuff suggestion for specific PDA requirements, not smartphone

    I've owned Casio PDAs, Palms, & iPod Touch (PDAs, never smartphones). On a number of occassions over the years, I embarked on web research to track down the Most Suitable PDA, but always got overwhelmed by the plethora of feature tables, lists, etc. It seems that research can determine...
  50. D

    Good ear buds

    About one year ago I got an iPod touch 4th gen. Ive been using the default earbuds that come with it to listen to my music. They still work fine but are showing their age, so I wanted to get something new. As for the sound quality of the new buds, I have a pair of astro a40's and I think they...
  51. Maineman

    IPod touch won't sync Google Calendar

    Could not find a forum for iPod so posted here. My son gave me his gen 2 iPod touch. It will not sync with Google Calendar and am told it should. Son did not use Google Calendar. Any thoughts? Also need the owners manual but a Google search did not find one. It is also not listed on the Apple...
  52. Marcus Yam

    Siri Ported to iPhone 4, iPod touch (But Potentially Unsafe)

    Siri's out in the wild now. Siri Ported to iPhone 4, iPod touch (But Potentially Unsafe) : Read more
  53. JMcEntegart

    iPhone, iPod Touch Cases Recalled Over Fire Concerns

    Owners of specific battery-pack cases advised to stop use immediately and seek a replacement. iPhone, iPod Touch Cases Recalled Over Fire Concerns : Read more
  54. nanzer

    Kindle Fire or iPod Touch?

    Hey guys I have $300. I don't need to spend all of them right now, but I wouldn't mind. I need to choose between the Amazon Kindle Fire and the iPod Touch. Before anyone makes a recommendation, keep in mind that I will not at any point buy anything like a yearly subscription, etc. Maybe a few...
  55. Catsrules

    Do cell phones really cost that much?

    I was just wonder what anyone else thinks about this. Has any one ever looked at the costs of a phone with out a contract? Take the iphone for example. A 16GB iphone without a contract is $650 with the contract is $200 So my cell phone company is paying 450 for my phone. Well isn't that nice...
  56. S


  57. Marcus Yam

    Siri Successfully Ported to iPhone 4, iPod touch

    Siri's held back for no good reason. Siri Successfully Ported to iPhone 4, iPod touch : Read more
  58. A

    Backup my library from ipod touch

    Hi guys, Ok so i messed up i last backed up my itunes to external drive in January 2011 and thought i had made a back up before i sold my laptop last week however i appears i did not i did make a complete backup to external hard drive but not specifically for itunes However my only hope is i...
  59. G

    Samsung's 5-inch Galaxy Wi-Fi Tablet Launched

    It's cute. No, it's adorable! But can it kill iPod touch? Samsung's 5-inch Galaxy Wi-Fi Tablet Launched : Read more
  60. JMcEntegart

    Apple Refreshes iPod Touch and iPad Nano

    Today wasn't all about the iPhone 4S. Apple Refreshes iPod Touch and iPad Nano : Read more