Question Fast charging cable for iPad usb-A to lightning

Nov 26, 2020
I have a basic iPad. I bought an Aukey 30w charger block last month when I bought an iPhone 12 mini. It has two female sockets, one USB C and one USB A. I use a fast charging cable btwn the USB C port and the lightning socket on the iPhone 12 mini. It charges the phone very quickly.

I use an old USB A to lightning cable to charge the iPad. That takes forever.

I could just swap cords, of course, if I was willing to charge just one device at a time. But I was born impatient! I’d like to be able to charge them both as fast as the charger block will let me.

Can someone suggest a fast charging cable I could use to connect the USB A port on the Aukey 30w charger block to the lightning port on the iPad?


Check to see if the charger you bought supports fast charging on the USB A port in the first place. USB C probably has a higher power output on the charger. And since you seem to be charging two devices on the charger, make sure that it can do fast charging to both of them if in use at the same time.

If it does, then any cable that states it's a fast charging one should work.