Permissions issue? Can't modify Word docs in folder, can on desktop


Jun 16, 2015
Hi Guy's

I'm using Windows 7.

I've been tearing my hair out here. Been on Google for hours trying to work this out. If I have MS word docs in folders on my desktop I can't make any changes to them. They won't save. No warning sign comes up, they look like they have saved but another identical window comes up of the document with my changes on it, but it hasn't saved. I've read around and it looks like it might be a permission's issue? I've gone into the folder by right clicking on properties and going into both "sharing" and "security" to make recommended changes but nothing is working.

I even put my laptop back to original settings this weekend and it briefly solved the problems but they have come back again in the last 24 hrs.

I'm able to modify MS Word docs on the my desktop but not in ANY of the folders I have these docs in! Really frustrating and don't know what to do.
Any idea's?


Jun 17, 2015
It is very normal problem with the Windows 7. This problem generally occurs with external source files like E-mail, Internet or external drives. Windows did not allow these types of file directly into the system because of safety purpose.
You can save the file on desktop then copy or move into the system folder. Ex: c:\Program Files(x86).
If it will not work in your case then, take ownership technique; follow the simple steps of the following link