Question My friends can hear everything I do in my computer

May 13, 2020
UPDATE: I found a solution! lol I believe it was some sort of misconnection (?) in the front ports. I switched to the back ports and it works! Thank you!

Hey! I'm having this issue where my friends can hear the things I do in my pc such as YouTube, games, etc. I've seen some solutions but none of them has worked so far.
I've noticed that if I mute myself from Discord or Skype or any program, my friends don't hear my pc nor my voice. However if I mute my mic from my headphones, they can't hear my voice (of course lol) but they can STILL hear what I do on my pc.
I'm sorry if this post was not very clear, my first language isn't English :(

This did not happen with my last headphones (which had USB ¿cable?) but these have two different ¿cables? (Idk the word sorry) the green one for the audio output and the pink one for the mic.

Headphones: Corsair hs60
Windows 10

Thank you!

Ps. I tried going to sound settings and activating the "disabling all noise" or idk how it is in English, but it didn't work.
Also I disabled the option "hearing this device"
Also x2 I've read about trying an adaptator yet with this quarentine stuff I haven't been able to get one.
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