privacy on android phones


Jan 23, 2013
hi all,

i am concerned about the lack of privacy on my galaxy S3. it is running Android 4.1.2, there is no way to block app permissions that i can find. the permissions required for facebook are a joke. (i am currently using tinfoil) i just dont like how you are given no other choice...

the other night i was talking to my brother about going fishing, and the next thing i was spammed with ads about fishing rods! coincidence? maybe... but im more sceptical than that.

what are my options, if any, to beef up my privacy? i have seen some apps that require your phone to be rooted. are there advantages/disadvantages to doing this? i feel like im being farmed for all my information, and there is nothing i can do about it.


Jun 27, 2012
Facebook app is indeed terrible. A newer version of android would increase your privacy but if you really do want to get rid of the man,then you should root,and uninstall anything that doesn't satisfy your permission requirements,then continue from there with blocking apps.


Dec 14, 2013
Hi there, id like to point you over to another thread that i was helping with.

There i explained that the best way to block permissions is with the app that i showed down the bottom. It requires rooting etc. Then you can have a birds eye view of sorts on your privacy. However with googles terms and conditions which are now pages and pages long and need a uni education they have basically written off your permissions, same a apple as far as im aware. But these are used as part of large stats so i care not to bother. That being said android has a pretty awesome system which you cannot access passwords or practically anything unless its part of the system. That being said as long as your paying attention to things your downloading you should be sweet.

As for the adds it should be an app that you need to uninstall. Their really annoying.
And as food for thought android 4.4 kit kat gives you permissions. Not sure how good they are

just incase heres the app

Hope that help and sorry if it was long :p