Question Suggestions - Asus Rog Phone 3 or One Plus 8 Pro?

Nov 24, 2020
Im usually a gamer especially on PC but not really your typical PUBG/shooter or insert any super hard graphics latest games om mobile that my career depends on lol. Even so, I do need a phone that allows better performance as even not so demanding PC games that I may make myself if just 1080p or something will not lag, I should be even able to launch a game like war3 through exagear without much hassle (this was already doable with phones from 2016). I have been using my old phone with ROMS, Magisk as I need some programs like Exagear working. But recently some apps from Google seem to demand non-rooted phones, no custom ROMs.

Im not much fan of iphone, so we can skip this phone, right now I hesitate between these two. Black Shark and Nubia I have made my mind if it will be a gaming phone, Asus phone 3, so we can skip the other gaming phones.

But there are things that make me wonder about it - what restrictions are with the Asus rog - forced UI, OK I like cool UI usually gaming interface looks nice. But no opportunity to add SD card... maybe even 128GB will be enough. I can deal without a Phone jack that is added to some cooling fan accessory but still other things that one has to know before buying?

Otherwise, I would rather keep Android 10 that comes with the phone, no root for me ROMs were mostly to make older phone work with newer stuff. But then would need to be able to bind a folder to existing folder of e.g app like Exagear can only see Download folder, if any apps exist out there that can do it without having to modify your default OS?

And if OnePlus is able to provide a decent performance when it comes to higher graphics.. then it can be an option as well. So which one you think with these preferences?

Why are some saying Camera looks not so good compared to other phones, arent they same hardware? Is camera bad for asus phone?
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