How to Correct Siri’s Pronunciation of Names in iOS 11

If you belong to a region where names are pronounced differently, both you and Siri may have hard time interacting with each other, especially when using Siri to call a contact. To bridge this gap, Siri is open to learn the correct pronunciations of the names. This makes the communication between you two easier.
You can follow the steps below to teach Siri how to pronounce the names correctly:
    Activate Siri
    Long press the Sleep/Wake button (on iPhone X), press and hold the Home button (on pre-iPhone X phones), or say “Hey Siri”. Using any of the methods activates Siri and makes it follow your voice commands.
    Point Siri about the incorrect pronunciation
    Say “Hey Siri, that’s not how you say <name>” (replace <name> with the contact’s name that Siri pronounces incorrectly. When you do so, Siri asks for the correct pronunciation of the first name of the contact.

    Speak the name correctly
    Speak the first name of your contact to Siri. This makes Siri come up with a few pronunciation samples to pick one from.

    Check the available pronunciation samples
    Tap the Play button next to each of the available samples. This makes Siri speak them for you. The samples help you choose the correct pronunciation Siri would use to speak the contact’s first name.

    Select a sample
    Tap Select in front of the pronunciation sample you find best. Doing so finalizes the pronunciation for Siri.

    Work similarly on the last name
    Repeat the process for the last name. This makes Siri pronounce the last name of the contact correctly.

    Note: In case none of the pronunciation samples are correct, tap Tell Siri Again, and pronounce the name correctly one more time.

    ■Wait while Siri adapts the pronunciation of both first and last names of the contact, and confirms the changes.

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