How to Create a LinkedIn Group

Just like many other social networking sites, even LinkedIn allows you to create groups where members of common interests can discuss and share their ideas.

You can create a LinkedIn group whether you're a free or a paid member

Once a LinkedIn group is created, you can control how people can join the group, how the members can post inside the group, set the moderation time threshold for new group members, etc.

In order to create a new LinkedIn group, follow the instructions given below:

    ■Turn on your computer system.
    ■Open the LinkedIn website by typing in the address bar and pressing Enter.
    ■If prompted, provide your login credentials in the appropriate fields and click the Sign In button.

    ■On the Home page that comes up, hover the mouse over the Interests menu from the menu bar.
    ■From the expanded list, click Groups.

    ■Once this is done, on the Your Groups interface, click the Create a group button under the Don’t see what you’re looking for? section.

    ■On the next window, provide your details regarding your group in the required fields, and click the Create an Open Group button at the bottom.
    ■Alternatively, you can click the Create a Members-Only Group button if you want the group to remain limited to the group members only.

    ■Once the group is created, you can then configure the group settings and the other available options. (For open group)

10. On the other hand, if you have made the group for members only, in addition to the necessary group settings, you can also start adding members to your group.