How to Create a Storify Story

Storify is a social networking website that allows you to merge your other social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and create “stories” based around chosen elements. It’s a handy way to create a narrative using various online sources.

Step 1
To create a story you must first have an account. Go through the registration process and then select the “New Story” button in the top right corner. This will bring you to the Story Editor page. From here you can type in your headline so that people know what kind of story it is.

Step 2
On the right side of the editor you will see all sorts of options including a way to add in social media. Each social media tab will have search options that will allow you to find relevant content to your headline. Drag and drop whatever you want into your story editor.

Step 3
When you are finished curating your story you can then publish it. Click the blue “publish” button at the top of your screen. Once it is published a small green prompt will appear at the top of the page that you can click to go to your published story. From there you can notify anyone you mentioned in your story and share on different social media platforms for others to see.

Storify allows you to create online narrative centered on whatever you want. When you create a story you can search several different media platforms and add and arrange content as you want. From there just publish and share with your friends.
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