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  1. caitlyndavis

    Question How do I track unfollowers on Twitter?

    Hey, recently I have been facing a lot of unfollowing. Please suggest some good tools to track them
  2. Boris_yo

    Question Where are 90% of Facebook Post's Comments?

    Hi, I am non-US. Wanted to see 22 comments on appliance distributor's Facebook page and I only see 2. Despite setting "All Comments" 20 comments are still missing.
  3. Y

    Question i cant reactivate my twitter

    i deactivate my account and i try to reactivate my account but i cant login to my account it said that this email and password doesn't match our record. someone please help me
  4. M

    Most Americans Still Don't Know Facebook Tracks Them

    Facebook lets advertisers see your politics, hometowns, ethnicity, marital status and more -- but most American users have no idea. Most Americans Still Don't Know Facebook Tracks Them : Read more
  5. R

    How to Share Directly from Netflix to Social Media Platforms

    When it’s about binge-watching a TV show or finally getting to watch that long-awaited movie over the weekend, Netflix has got you covered. The American entertainment platform giant provides its users with exclusive features and content worldwide. The users can browse through a library with...
  6. H

    Solved! Plugin to subscribe to my newsletter using their social media account

    Hi, I’m looking for a plugin that would enable people in my wordpress website to subscribe to my newsletter using their social media accounts (Facebook, twitter, etc) and that I’ll be able to set it up so when people sign up with the social media accounts their contact info will automatically...
  7. Z

    My WiFi is not for my social media apps only even provider changed the router too?

    Any suggestions plz.My WiFi is not for my social media apps only even provider changed the router too?
  8. H

    Facebook page is bad loading with Chrome ?

    Hi guys, I have some strange problem occurred lately with me: I'm using Google Chrome for browsing internet, its very fine and i love its speed and smoothly fast access to everything, lately facebook page is taking too much time to load then after long time its stop loading while not showing...
  9. M

    untagged online pictures

    how can i find pictures of me online that i haven't been tagged in? would i be able to google search another picture of me and it will find that one or similar pictures?
  10. Paradise My-Colors

    masking apps as other apps from isp (VPN like)

    hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to hide my apps internet usage from my ISP within another app. the reason I need this is my ISP allows only connection to a social networking sites (Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram... ) anything other than that will fail to connect (like normal VPNs...
  11. K

    How can i get a friend number in different continents?

    I'm looking for a friend number, we were friends, but at that time my friend didn't having a phone, and now i have traveled i want to get my friend number. I've searched every where even social media.
  12. N

    Can i upload my music

    I'm made my Punjabi song .i want to upload to google or other social media
  13. G

    How do you get a placement in the Suggested Videos in Facebook?

    How do I get my videos to show up to users (both followers and non-followers) in the "suggested video field" when they scroll down? (Im referring to the so called "video player" in Facebook that you see when you clicked on a video then a queue of related videos show up when you scroll down.)
  14. S

    How do I live stream from aq Canon FS30 for using with Facebook live?

    Want to use a FS30 to live stream church services to Facebook or something similar.
  15. S

    Thoughts on Using "Old News" in Social Posts?

    In my experience, I've always gravitated towards using "timely" posts. By that I mean not only relevant to news that's trending, but also up-to-date/current news. For example: if I'm posting something about the World Cup and I find a decent article about soccer that was written this year...
  16. R

    Do you think is a good idea to boost media?

    Recently I'm trying to grow my twitter account with followers and generate engagement. My tweets have generate a lot of favs and RT but I'm still stuck with the same followers, though people like my tweets they don't follow me. Do you think my follower number is an influence? I looked for a...
  17. G

    Snapchat Will Soon Let You Buy What You Snap (Report)

    Snapchat's new feature will allow you to send pictures of items or barcodes and be redirected to Amazon results for those products. Snapchat Will Soon Let You Buy What You Snap (Report) : Read more
  18. A

    Can't reply to this conversation on messenger problem

    We used to chat for many days but one day she accidentally deleted the chats and from that day I can't reply to her. It shows you can't reply to this conversation. I am sure she has not blocked me. And even I can't check her profile. it shows the person isn't available.
  19. S

    Best of 2nd hand.

    Retired with small pension, need to replace my 5-6 yr old laptop. No games just social media and looking things up. Any good recommends please. Budget £500
  20. S

    What is the best most secure email provider?

    I currently been looking up ways to make myself more obscure in the digital world by cleaning up my footprint, I have deleted majority of my social media and I need to change my email services to something less exposed to the new TOS that give out your information. Currently I have yahoo and I...
  21. R

    Does Facebook delete users for old issues of name?

    Hi , my mother has recently changed her name of FB to her real one. Before this, she had used her account with the name of the fanpage that she was managing and even previously, with a complete nickname. She was once asked to verify herself with a photo, but not with an ID. She passed it, I...
  22. R

    What Is The Facebook Security Check-up? Everything You Need To Know

    An insanely popular social media network, Facebook has had its share of privacy and security violations, and with the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, the social media giant was yet again in the spotlight. Still, security-wise there are a bunch of options that people can use to secure their...
  23. R

    How to Stop Twitter Suggestions

    Twitter, like other social media networks, tries to personalize your timeline/feed. It’s a normal behavior for social media networks and it works, for the most time. Sometimes you get recommendations that aren’t relevant to you in any way and it can get pretty annoying. Fortunately, you can...
  24. R

    How To Check What Third-Party Apps You Have Connected To Twitter

    As with any social media network, connecting third-party apps enhance the experience and makes it richer. However, it also carries a certain risk, especially if you are a privacy-minded user. Naturally, Twitter is no exception. When you choose to add a third-party app to your Twitter account...
  25. R

    Where Is The Facebook Privacy Page?

    With all the recent scandals involving the social media giant, now is a good time to review your privacy settings. You’ll probably want to make some changes as the default settings aren’t adequate to a lot of users. On the privacy page, you can control who sees your posts, who sees your friends...
  26. J

    Whats the best laptop to buy in $500 budget?

    Hello, I'm currently using a $200 laptop from pawn shop I bought two months ago. The speed of this is pretty good not fast and not slow. I'm thinking of buying a new laptop, I'll use for everyday use only and zero gaming. I just want it for social media, doing surveys, watching videos, running...
  27. L

    Wanting a cheap laptop for casual use

    I’m looking to spend not much more than 500$ on a laptop. I want to use it for social media, Streaming videos, music, taxes, rollercoaster tycoon and web browsing. Would Lenovo Ideapad 310 15.6" A10-9600P / 12GB RAM / 1TB HD / AMD Radeon R5 Graphics / Windows 10 Laptop (80ST005UUS) be a good...
  28. henrytcasey

    How to Get Old Snapchat Back (There’s a Catch)

    Users are furious with Snapchat over its redesign, but there's a way to get the old Snapchat back. Here's what you need to know. How to Get Old Snapchat Back (There’s a Catch) : Read more
  29. M

    hello i want to create a social network

    hello peole can you help me with create a social network .... till now i was using wordpress but i dont know if is good enough to create website like social media .... all i want its to create a website like that link removed by Moderator.
  30. V

    How to avoid kids installing new apps on mobile phones

    How to avoid kids installing new apps, such as social media apps on mobile phones.
  31. B

    My brand new high spec laptop is really slow

    My brand new high spec laptop is really slow. Videos on facebook and many sites are so slow and social media feeds and things take ages to load.
  32. V

    Looking for a 1080p60 action camera for amateur free diving

    There's no screen in my home more than capable of 1080p@60hz and I'll never upgrade so I don't want to overkill with my camera choice. Just looking for a simple one that I'll be capturing around no deeper than 8 meters daytime salt water. Also, I won't use premium features like WiFi, GPS...
  33. J

    How do I upload a video on pinterest like this?

    I've posted this on quora, but it hasnt been answered yet.
  34. D

    Blocking Bandwith Killers and Social Media Sites (SnapChat, Facebook)

    Are you on a limited broadband connection? Or you have Mobile Internet on a limited data plan? While most of us have mobile Internet and we from the ways and ranges we use it, sometimes data usage can become an issue if you are on a mobile data plan which is not unlimited. In our case having...
  35. I

    My phone can't make call

    My iPhone se can browse the internet and social media but can't make call. When I make call it goes through but I don't hear anything
  36. G

    Ask An Expert: Social Media with Henry T. Casey

    Not even sure where to start when it comes to social media? We’re introducing on Tom’s Guide our advice installment ‘Ask an Expert’, hosted by your community staff. Ask An Expert: Social Media with Henry T. Casey : Read more
  37. Graybush

    Ask An Expert: Social Media with Henry T. Casey

    Ask an Expert: Featuring Henry T. Casey, Tom’s Guide Writer Are you having difficulty navigating the world of social media? Need an expert’s opinion on the latest and greatest? Not even sure where to start when it comes to Snapchat? We’re introducing on Tom’s Guide our advice installment ‘Ask...
  38. E

    Can't login to twitter because dead sim card

    So I have login verification using code sent via sms by twitter to my phone number. But for the past week, my sim card stopped working. It would display no service in any phone that I tried to use with the sim card. And now, 'cause my sim card is dead, I can't receive the verification code. I've...
  39. A

    Cheating husbands or wifes

    How can i get my husbands passowrd to his social media accounts
  40. G

    Make Siri Read Your WhatsApp Messages Out Loud

    WhatsApp users with iPhones can now check their messages hands-free. Make Siri Read Your WhatsApp Messages Out Loud : Read more
  41. A

    Solved! Whatsapp on laptop

    Is there anyway to run whatsapp on laptop without bluestacks or any other such softwares??
  42. S

    Question about GIFs & Facebook/Social Media Uploading

    So I've noticed with Facebook, when it comes to GIFs, Facebook requires that you post a URL to the GIF for it to work correctly. However if you upload the GIF from your device, it's just a still pic. And Facebook will allow you to upload pics no problem. So what is the technological advantage...
  43. Graybush

    What's your favorite social media platform, and why?

    I'm curious to see what type of platforms that the group prefers over others. For example, I find it very easy to use and lurk on Instagram, especially because they give such visual responses. However, I'm not a huge fan of twitter mainly because of the way they present their main tweets along...
  44. G

    Snapchat Spectacles May Soon Be Easier to Find than Pikachu

    Despite not being sure how popular they really are, parent company Snap plans to keep manufacturing and selling its Spectacles. Snapchat Spectacles May Soon Be Easier to Find than Pikachu : Read more
  45. G

    Instagram Crashing? Try This Fix

    Instagram may be crashing for some users who've installed the app's latest update. Instagram Crashing? Try This Fix : Read more
  46. M

    Solved! How to choose a Gmail username?

    Hi all I am searching for a new account My current username is literally my full name (Morad.Tamer.Farouk) i am really sad of that because I once had a Morad.Tamer but in some online form I entered my real birth date and age and BOOM gmail shut that account then I had a Morad.Tamer.F...
  47. mihcael

    hawking code (Fake ?)

    Hey, Why is every one going on about the "hawkingcode" it looks fake to me but i keep seeing it every where and people over social media talking about it????? Please do explain it is annoying me now. Regards
  48. G

    Here's a New Way to Shut Up YouTube Trolls

    A new YouTube feature automatically flags potentially inappropriate comments and holds them for your review. Here's a New Way to Shut Up YouTube Trolls : Read more
  49. G

    Facebook for Work Could End Social Media Stigma at the Office

    Facebook's new chat tool could make the company an even stronger competitor to Google when Facebook for Work launches next month. Facebook for Work Could End Social Media Stigma at the Office : Read more
  50. jessicacyrus1

    which media is best for me?

    I have a site of small stories and quotes. I want to know that which media is best for me to generate traffic for it.
  51. D

    I have an Instagram question?

    Have an instagram question. I saw an account was 404 didn't exist. I assumed it was deleted, but I discovered the same account on an instagram web view called instidy and the account clearly is active. How can it be?
  52. M

    plenty of fish website question

    hi for the website plenty of fish is there a way of making your profile or at least your pictures only viewable to logged in users? Do I have to subscribe to do that?
  53. A

    Opinions on this ASUS laptop?

    Hey just wondering on everyone's opinion on this laptop I was looking at purchasing, as I'm pretty sure most people on here will know a lot more than me! Mainly for everyday use...
  54. B

    YouTube channel help

    Hiya, I need some help with my YouTube channel. See, I love making YouTube videos but I have hardly any subscribers! So that means hardly anybody is watching my videos!! I've tried all the tips available on YouTube tutorials about gaining subs. These are a few of my problems: None of my friends...
  55. henrytcasey

    Microsoft's @TayandYou Twitter Bot Mocks Millenials

    A Twitter bot from Microsoft can carry a conversation with you as it delivers a mocking portrait of today's hipsters. Microsoft's @TayandYou Twitter Bot Mocks Millenials : Read more
  56. L

    Can somebody suggest a Laptop for around £200

    I'm looking for a cheap but decent Laptop for around £200 mark EDIT - COULD POSSIBLE Stretch to around £250 I'm not expecting something super, Just something fast and smooth that can handle tasks such as streaming Youtube, TV shows, Social media ect, Something that can fit into a backpack also...
  57. vlad9727

    Is this budget laptop good?

    Hello. My brother wants to buy himself a laptop. I've looked for one on few popular websites from my country, and the best on performance and price was this one : What do u think? He...
  58. bonddm

    Roll the Dice? Which social media network should I choose?

    I'm not sure which social media website to use. Which one is easiest to reach people on a global scale most effectively/efficiently. They always seem to give you the run around or put all types of restrictions on what you can do. Need help.
  59. T

    Graduate School Laptop

    I am looking to get my fiance a laptop that will get her through graduate school (4 more years). Right now she has a laptop that she had for undergrad and it is just getting too old. She usually uses her laptop for basic school functions as well as other daily activities (i.e. emails, social...
  60. DukiNuki

    Best Social Media App for Android

    i'm so Confused picking the right Social Media app from Skype .Whatss Ap Viber and ... I'm looking for something that : .has Simple Quick and Clean UI with funny little emojis .Informs you when someone sends messages by turning your screen on .Has GOOD Video and Voice Call and can also send...