Does Facebook delete users for old issues of name?

May 4, 2018
Hi ,

my mother has recently changed her name of FB to her real one. Before this, she had used her account with the name of the fanpage that she was managing and even previously, with a complete nickname. She was once asked to verify herself with a photo, but not with an ID. She passed it, I guess that she had to do this because that she had no friends, she was just managing her fan page.

She didn’t have any issues since and she had always had her phone number added to her account.
Well, about a approximately a week ago, she started to use her profile normally, including putting on her real name and datas, like birth date, etc…She also started to add some friends and also received a lot of friend requests.

My question is that does Facebook deletes users for previous issues? Like will they delete my mom’s account because she had prevously used a nickname, than her page’s name as her account’s name, even if she uses her profile 100% normally now? Or will the system detect as something suspicious that she has only made friends now(about 40-50 only) and simply shut down her account?

Many thanks