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    Does Facebook delete users for old issues of name?

    Hi , my mother has recently changed her name of FB to her real one. Before this, she had used her account with the name of the fanpage that she was managing and even previously, with a complete nickname. She was once asked to verify herself with a photo, but not with an ID. She passed it, I...
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    Hidden user folder in documents and settings

    I have a broken laptop and there’s lots of video of my late dad in the hdd so i took it out and made it into an external drive but when i plug it to a windows 10 laptop and look at the Documents and settings folder on the external hdd it doesn’t show the admin user folder because all the videos...
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    Chrome says my program is malware!!??

    For some strange reason chrome and my antivirus think that my application is malware I dont even know what malware is! Please help me! I think it might have somthing to do with the fact that the installer creates a registry key for the rightclick option my program uses? (Root: HKCR; Subkey...