Please, help me with Facebook! Can I have problems due to my mother's activity?

May 4, 2018
Hi everyone,
lately, I’ve been through quite a hard time with my Mother who’s pretty incompetent when it comes to technologies. Sorry in advance, but my native language isn’t English, but Hungarian.

About a month ago, my Mom has created a Facebook profile with a fictional name, because she wanted to convert her profile into a page (yes, obviously, she should have used her real name even for the page). She had no friends,picture or info added to it. The problem is that she has created this profile in order to spy on me, because that I had lymphoma and she wanted to make sure that my things will go fine once I went back to school.

Initially, all her searches were the exact same!! as mine, including pages, events, persons, and posts in an open group that I also regularly visit due to school (it’s a group in which we share material for studying). What is even worse is that she used my laptop for it, from the same browser, because we only have one device in our house. Lately, she’s been doing the same thing with my father: she’s been searching for the same things as him as well.

On wednesday, FB required a photo identification (not an ID) for her profile due to suspicous activity while she was working on her page. She passed the test, her account was enabled after 30 hours, and immediately after getting her account back, she has suspended it.

Now here’s my question: does FB continue to investigate her profile if she has suspended it? And more importantly, can me, or my father have any kind of problem because of the same searches and pages, etc. viewed from our profiles? I definitely don’t want to get in trouble for that stupidity.

I also told my mother to not to touch her account ever again.

She can next change her name in about 30 days, but I've heard about users having to go trough verification again, will that likely happen to her?

Or should she just leave her account suspended? If so, it is possible that Fb will investigate that account again just because once she had to verify herself?

I might be paranoid..
Thank you for your help!
Jun 6, 2018
searching or viewing any page on facebook will not lead to disable your account i guess your mother have tried something different than this, like liking many things in small time ,commenting random stuffs or sending friend request to many people, or changing your profiles details very frequently.

and yes she use her account but in normal way and avoid doing something suspicious as above and ofcourse fb will investigate not only that account but every account whether they have verified once or not.