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  1. F

    **SOLVED** Avast is impossible to uninstall! **SOLVED**

    Hi guys. So while downloading Utorrent I missed unchecking the "Install Avast free antivirus" box and now its freaking impossible to uninstall! First I tried deleting the folder but it needed Admin rights. (im admin on my pc) so Secondly I tried giving my user full acces to the file but i...
  2. M

    Can't unistall Avira Launcher

    Hey guys, I've decided that I no longer want Avira antivirus in my PC, so i went ahead and unistalled Avira's one. It went well, and I no longer have it on my PC. The issue is that the Launcher that was installed with it seems impossible to be unistalled. Every time I try to do it, it comes...
  3. R

    Does Facebook delete users for old issues of name?

    Hi , my mother has recently changed her name of FB to her real one. Before this, she had used her account with the name of the fanpage that she was managing and even previously, with a complete nickname. She was once asked to verify herself with a photo, but not with an ID. She passed it, I...
  4. T

    How to empty Junk Mail folder when exiting Outlook 2013

    I have always been able to get rid of my deleted emails as soon as I exit my outlook program. I have some emails that automatically go to my junk mail and others (on a daily basis it seems) that I mark as junk mail. When I close out of Outlook the deleted mail goes away, but I have manually...
  5. K

    What if you weren't signed in on Imgur and you posted a photo? Can you still delete it?

    I was making a fake news to share with a friend. I realized it didn't send to the friend. Instead on Imgur. I wasn't signed in, and people already seen it. I want to delete it badly. Any USEFUL Suggestions? Thanks. :ouch: :( :pfff:
  6. M

    I deleted my phone os Huawei Ascend P1

    Guys I accidentally deleted my OS.My phone was full of trash and I had to get rid of them.I am using Huawei Ascend P1 and its back cannot be opened just like apple phones.I need your help :( My phone is totally hard bricked.If you need more information.Just let me know.
  7. tomsguideUS

    How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

    When a Facebook account is deactivated, it can be restored by simply opening the Facebook website, and providing the appropriate login credentials on the login screen. You might want to deactivate your Facebook account in case you want get rid of Facebook temporarily. On the other hand, if you...
  8. L

    Can I delete my GPU if it's dead

    My laptop overheated and since then it's been really slow, so I've been told it was from my gpu being dead which is making my CPU bot as good. I'm going to uninstall all of my GPU stuff, but will that damage anything. Maybe something is important that i should keep? I have a nvidia GeForce 520m...