Can somebody suggest a Laptop for around £200


Feb 16, 2016
I'm looking for a cheap but decent Laptop for around £200 mark EDIT - COULD POSSIBLE Stretch to around £250

I'm not expecting something super, Just something fast and smooth that can handle tasks such as streaming Youtube, TV shows, Social media ect, Something that can fit into a backpack also as I plan on Travelling with it. It would also be nice to get something that could run Games such as Terreria and the old GTA Games, Vice City for instance!

Any recommendations are appreciated.
For a new system you will be very limited, the Stream systems have little storage or options they are tied to a lot of online functionality which is not good for travel.

Unless you know exactly what you are getting into, stay away from the super cheap Android, Stream, Chromebook systems. Look for a system with a real full Windows setup and a real decent size hard drive.

There is no "decent" laptop in your price range, they are all slower and have compromises to meet the price. For the price you can spend, I'd be looking at used systems or it will be a second toy system to toss around for what you can get new. Something like this

Or get a tablet like an iPad 3 or something Android. For video and Facebook stuff that is all you need.