How to Create Keyboard Shortcuts on the MacBook Pro


The MacBook Pro is a very powerful tool and comes loaded with a series of quick features which can make it extremely user friendly. One of these features is the ability to create a keyboard shortcut for any application, folder, or feature of the system. For example, you can set up keyboard shortcuts for Photoshop, a particular folder of current documents you are working on, and also the search option on Finder. Here’s how to do this:

Step 1
On the bottom menu of the MacBook find the 'System Preferences' tab and open it.

Step 2
In the dialog box which opens click on the Keyboard tab.

Step 3
You will notice 4 different headers, select ‘Shortcuts’.

Step 4
On the left side of the dialog box there will be a number of options, select ‘App Shortcuts’. Then click on the ‘+’ button below.

Step 5
In the following page you can select the application you want to create the shortcut for.

Step 6
Click on the ‘Keyboard Shortcut’ option below and hold down the keys you want to use as the shortcut. Then click on ‘Add’.

Step 7
Your shortcut should have been created. Go back to your homepage and use the keyboard shortcut to open the application.

Step 8
If you want to add a shortcut within an application for a specific function, in the step 6 dialog box write the exact name of the function in the ‘Menu Title’ box. Then select a shortcut and click ok. Now when you open up the application this keyboard shortcut will be available to use for whatever function you chose.

You can create unlimited number of keyboard shortcuts via the MacBook Pro and we suggest using this feature since it adds quickness to your operations.