How to Customize Playback Preferences on Netflix

Netflix is currently, one of the world’s largest movie and TV shows streaming platform, with thousands of movies and series to choose from. Netflix has been at the top with its commendable quality of content, and services it has been providing its users. A user with a Netflix account can customize a lot of features to get the ultimate movie experience and stream the desired movie or TV show in the best quality.

There are various features that can be customized in the settings menu of your Netflix account. One of those features is the playback preference provided to customize your playback experience and modify it for an exceptional Netflix experience. Here’s how to customize your playback preferences on Netflix:

Step 1
Sign in to 'Netflix'
Go to the Netflix website, on your mobile or personal computer and sign in to your Netflix account as shown.

Step 2
Select 'Profile'
Select the 'Profile' for which the playback preferences have to be changed and proceed. Note that the customizations are profile selective, so the changes you make will only reflect in your profile.

Step 3
Select 'Account'
Select the 'Account' option from the drop-down options list available on the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4
Once you’re through to the 'Account settings' page, select the 'Playback Settings' option under the 'My Profile' section.

Step 5
Select data usage
In the 'Playback Settings' menu, select the data usage according to your preference. Higher playback quality requires higher data usage and vice versa. Therefore, select the option according to your preference. Note that the playback preferences cannot be customized for Kids’ account.

Step 6
Save the Changes
Click on ‘Save’ to save the changes made.

Your playback preferences have been successfully customized.
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