How to customize Quick Settings in Android Nougat


Android Nougat doesn’t bring anything huge to the table but is nevertheless a useful update. One of the features it does bring is the ability to customize more of the settings menu. If you have the update, here’s how to customize Quick Settings in Android Nougat.

Quick Settings is an awesome feature of Android. Swipe down from the top of the screen for fast access to some core features of your phone. Called the notification shade, it holds some of the main Quick Settings and notifications for easy access. Android already had the option to customize the shade, Nougat brings more. Now, when you swipe down, the initial screen where you used to get the date and time now has quick settings built in. Swipe further as before for the full Quick Settings screen.

Customize Quick Settings in Android Nougat

If you want to customize how the new Quick Settings menu works in Android Nougat, try this:

1. Swipe down to access the full Quick Access menu.
2. Tap Edit in the top left of the screen.
3. Touch and hold the icon you want to move or remove and drag it to where you want it. To remove it, just drag it to the bottom of the screen.
4. If you want an icon to appear on the notification shade, drag it to one of the first five positions.

Once finished, your notification shade should now feature the five icons you selected. Tap once to activate the feature. Tap and hold to access the menu for that feature.

This change is one of the most useful features I have found so far in Android Nougat. While not a headline grabber, in terms of usability, nothing else comes close in terms of convenience!

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