How to Deal With Payment Method Problem on Netflix

From time to time, we all experience payment problems for one reason or another. This may also be the case with Netflix for many users as in the past there have been reports that some users occasionally experience problems with their billing accounts.

If you ever receive a message from Netflix saying “Your account is on hold because of a problem with your last payment”, this could be owing to any one of the following reasons:
  • ■ The method of payment on file is no longer valid or the card in use has expired
    ■ The payment information and records Netflix has on file does not match the information and records your bank has
    ■ There were insufficient funds in the account
There may also be other several reasons for this issue. If you ever find yourself in this predicament as a Netflix user, follow the following steps:

1. Log in to Your Netflix Account
Enter in your browser to log on. Logging into Netflix will first require you to enter your username or email address and your password.

2. Go to “Account” or “Your Account”
Go to the far right hand corner on the Netflix screen after logging in. Then look for a downward facing arrow, which will show a drop down menu once you click on the arrow. Then look for the “Account” or “Your Account” link. (Note that “Account” or “Your Account” wording may depend on which country you are in.) Click on any one of these two descriptions available in your country to access your Netflix account.

3. “Update Payment Information”
Once you are in your Account, go to “Membership and Billing” then look on the far right-hand side of the screen for the “Update Payment” link and click on it.

4. Enter Payment Information
A new screen will pop up, requesting that you re-enter your account information and enter your account holder details, card number, card expiry number and the security code on the debit or credit card you registered your Netflix account with. Alternatively, users may also enter new account information in these slots.

5. If Successful, Contact Your Financial Institution
If you are unsuccessful in step 4, whether by re-entering your account information or re-entering new account information, contact your financial institution. There may be a number of reasons or a security breach on your account and it is best to go through what the reason for the registered card not working and it is best to explore what these reasons may be with your financial institution.

Once you have thoroughly consulted your financial institution, try making the payment again on Netflix under your account in the steps above outlined ( see steps 1 to 3 ). If this still does not work, opt to enter another account (e.g. PayPal, iTunes, alternative bank account, etc.). Note that some alternative payment methods may not be available in some regions and countries.
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