How To Default to Secure Empty Trash in Mac OS X

When you move files into the trash bin in your Mac, they are not completely deleted.. However, there are files that you want to permanently delete without them lying in your trash bin. You can do this by using the "Secure Empty Trash" option in Mac OS X.

1. The easiest way to delete your files securely using the "Secure Empty Trash" option is by right-clicking the trash bin icon at the bottom right of your Mac. Simply hold the "Command" key while you right-click to make the option visible.


2. Another way to access this option is through the "Finder" menu found on top of your Mac beside the Apple logo. Click it an a drop-down menu will appear. Click "Secure Empty Trash" and start deleting files you no longer need. This might take a little longer than the normal because the overwriting process is taking place.


3. You can also use this option as a default and securely empty your trash. Just click "Finder" and then "Preferences." Then, click the "Advance" tab and tick the box beside the "Empty Trash Securely." Once done, your files will be deleted permanently every time you move them to "Trash."