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  1. slimdesk404

    Question My mac virtual machine only stay on one screen and it never changes

    Its been over 20 minutes of starting this virtual machine on virtual box nothing seems to be changing I don't know what is happening
  2. R

    How to Drag Text from One App onto Another Using your MacBook Pro

    The plethora of features provided by the MacBook Pro is immense in nature and allows for ease of access like no other. The latest Mac OS X has been loaded with even more features to help the user and some of them are even being discovered up till date. And while not every Mac user is aware of...
  3. L

    Solved! Master reset and reinstall OS X a Macbook Pro 2011 15 in

    After trying to reset and reinstall OS on MacBook Pro now I have a lock sign how to gain access back into my MacBook
  4. Paradise My-Colors

    Solved! Is the old MacBook Air still usable in 2018?

    Is the old MacBook Air (MC505LL/A) (CPU: 1.4Ghz - ram: 2Gb) still usable for PDF viewing/720p YouTube/word/PowerPoint/Fruity Loop in 2018?
  5. J

    Error Code: M7701-1003

    MAC OS X 10.7.5 cannot locate the update for chrome so i can watch netflix, VUDU, Crackle....all online video services...this is the Error Code: M7701-1003...any ideas appricated
  6. G

    Best Antivirus Software and Apps

    Whether you're running Windows, macOS or Android, you need antivirus software. The question is what you want -- and how much you should pay. Best Antivirus Software and Apps : Read more
  7. C

    Can't Reinstall macOS Sierra

    Hello all, I just purchased a 2016 12" MacBook 1.2Ghz. This is the first Mac I've every owned and have very little experience with them. I purchased it from someone with all of their files still on the hard drive so I held command+r to enter the utilities menu. I tried reinstalling Sierra using...
  8. M

    IO Meter for OSX

    There is a Page for IOMeter for OSX and a link to the supposed program, however, nothing d/ls, using the back button takes you to IOMETER's code repository. This has had 3 total d/l. Anyone know of another program for testing NAS. Please don't Activity Monitor, it does not provide the info I...
  9. A

    Command R upon booting up does not bring me to the OS X Utilities menu. what is the alternative?

    I am trying to get to the OS utilities menu and have used Command R upon booting up unsuccessfully. Is there an alternative?
  10. 8

    Best Macbook for my needs

    I recently spoke with a google representative about potential jobs for computer science students and I have been really interested, yet he told me I would probably want a Macbook as it allows me to develop for the Unix architecture. I have done my research and decided that I dont want anything...
  11. S

    How To Format The MacBook Pro

    Does your MacBook Pro report system malfunctions due to faulty software? Does it process slowly, or have you accidentally installed an outdated version of OS X? Have you have erased the start-up disk? Then it is time for you to consider formatting your MacBook Pro. Here are the steps to guide...
  12. G

    Microsoft Project Alternative for Mac - Need Recommendations

    Good evening, I'm working with a user that has a Mac and apparently Microsoft does not make Project for OS X. Does anyone know of a free alternative software that can view .MPP or any other project files? Thanks, David
  13. C

    Premiere Pro is so hard to work on my MacBook!

    Hello to everyone! First of all I apologize to you for my bad english. About a month ago I bought a Macbook with great hopes. The only reason for this was that my old computer was now inadequate for video editing. But I am having a great disappointment right now. First of all I want to give you...
  14. A

    Macbook Pro 13" 2010 HUGE problems

    So my macbook from 2010 stopped recognising my 128gb samsung 830 series SSD. I plugged it into my desktop computer and it sees it just fine so the SSD appears to be okay. I put it back in my macbook and tried booting it dozens of times, a couple of times it actually saw the SSD and booted into...
  15. S

    Help me please

    How do i Reset my mac pro if i had accidentally wiped all my data ?
  16. K

    Best way to test computer and software issues without user's password

    Password policies prevent users from sharing their passwords, even for tech support. What are some suggestions/best practices to install and test software without requiring the user to share their password? Setting up Microsoft OneDrive for user to redirect documents, videos, pictures to the...
  17. R

    MP3 file has been truncated from 2:38:00 to 0:00:16 on sd card

    Hello there, my apologies I this is not the place to come to but i have been searching for a forum to try with little success. I recorded some student presentations this morning and went to download the files onto my computer to edit them. the finder was reporting the file length correctly at...
  18. R

    Looking for a cheap Hackintosh-compatible laptop.

    Hello, My name is Ryan. Right now, I am in search of a laptop that is really cheap and at the same time can be configured to run Mac OS X High Sierra using Hackintosh. It has to have at least 4 GB of RAM and the HDD/SSD size has to be enough to run Mac OS X High Sierra+at least 5 GB of storage...
  19. M

    Macbook Air 13' only charge battery when on

    Couple days ago I spilled some water on my Macbook Air. So, I turned off my laptop and tried to dry it off. The next day, I turned on my mac and everything seemed to be working fine. So I realized that my mac doesn't recognize the charger anymore when it's turned off. I tried to charge my mac...
  20. Paul Wagenseil

    Many Macs Can Be Hacked by Firmware Attacks

    Thousands of Macs worldwide may be open to firmware attacks that would be nearly impossible to detect or stop, a research team found. Many Macs Can Be Hacked by Firmware Attacks : Read more
  21. J

    I delete os x and i closed the computer and when i try bring it back

    i delete os x and i closed it by accerdent and now when i try strart it up by the commened buttom r it show me a blinking flies
  22. xaephod

    Early 2009 Macbook - Add SSD - move OS

    I have as mentioned an early 2009 MacBook. I have an SSD in another laptop I no longer want to use. It has a perfect version of Windows 10 on it. I would like to install this SSD in the MacBook, migrate my current OSX El Capitan to the SSD and Keep the current version of Win10. How do I do that...
  23. Paul Wagenseil

    Mac Malware Reaches New Highs, Report Finds

    More new strains of Mac malware have been found in 2017 than in any previous year, but adware is still the biggest headache for Mac users. Mac Malware Reaches New Highs, Report Finds : Read more
  24. Paul Wagenseil

    Protect Your Computer with This One Simple Trick

    The best way to protect your machine is the simplest: Create and use limited user accounts for your daily tasks. Protect Your Computer with This One Simple Trick : Read more
  25. jsimenhoff

    Are Macs less secure than Windows 10 machines?

    For the longest time everyone thought Macs were more secure than Windows. Back in 2004, when I was rocking a Macbook Pro, I didn't even think to install any antivirus or security software. It seems like that myth has persevered as Apple still doesn't even offer built in malware scanners like...
  26. J

    MacBook 12 2015 vs 2016

    Hello! What would you suggest to buy? - Model 2015 with Core M5 and 512 GB SSD or - Model 2016 with Core M3 and 256 GB SSD Both almost the same price
  27. M

    Solved! Reinstall OS X (problems selecting an option)

    how can i select an option when reinstalling my OS after erasing my disk? i have the two options of "macintosh HD" and "recovery mode" with "back" and "install" on the bottom but i cannot select anything. please someone help! My OS is Yosemite and my macbook pro is 2008. Like i said, i've erased...
  28. G

    How to Install Kodi

    Learn how to install the Kodi media player for macOS, Windows, Android and iOS devices. How to Install Kodi : Read more
  29. T

    os x El Capitan wont download on macbook pro

    I purchased my macbook pro mid 2009 used and ive recently wiped the os and wanted to reinstall it but every time I try it says that the item is temporarily unavailable. it was running os x yosemite before but it forces me to download el capitan now.
  30. O

    Thoughts on refurbished Apple mac pro laptops?

    I'm currently searching for the best bang for the buck laptop for my mum ( a total no tech ) who doesnt want to join the master race yet lol with a decent keyboard, 15 inch or bigger display and a general decent os with decent quality components. I have found some refurbished Apple Mac Pro 15...
  31. N

    Too much "other" and "Documents and Data" on phone

    I have tried many of the fixes found online but they never last long. Honestly I just want a program that allows me to manually delete files off my iPhone. There are many programs but it is difficult to tell which are safe and which are not. also I have no idea what category to put it under...
  32. C

    Laptop For Video Editing

    Okay I haven't done a lot of research as far as Laptop's go. Obviously Laptop Grade CPU's are going to be worse in performance I could only assume, but I am looking for something I could use to Edit in Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, and Photoshop. It's always great to be able to play...
  33. A

    how to install mac os 10.6.3 on a windows 10 pc

    Hi I recently installed windows 10 on my previously windows 7 laptop. now I would like to install mac os 10.6.3 onto it. but everything I try fails so can someone help me by giving me a step by step tutorial on how to install it (using the retail disc).
  34. Marshall Honorof

    New Mac Ransomware Appears, and There's Only One Defense

    A new Mac ransomware encrypts all your files and demands payment, but, in a cruel twist, probably can't deliver the decryption key. New Mac Ransomware Appears, and There's Only One Defense : Read more
  35. Marshall Honorof

    Watch Out: Trump-Themed Malware Targeting Macs

    Mac-specific malware with Donald Trump in the file name is on the loose. Here's how to avoid the threat. Watch Out: Trump-Themed Malware Targeting Macs : Read more
  36. J

    Windows Software on MacBook

    Hi, I am an engineering student who uses an apple MacBook pro retina with a 126GB hard drive and need windows software to run a few programs. Im aware that splitting the hard drive using bootcamp is an option however my hard drive isn't the biggest and already have things on here so do not...
  37. V

    Solved! Need help fixing my headphone issues

    I have problems with my Logitech G430 headphones, I'm using it with a macbook pro, and I've looked on how to fix it but i have no luck fixing it. I test my headphones by playing music, and even then it cuts out and plays on the laptop itself. I've tried the usb on both slots, and the headset...
  38. Dogmangon

    Would real time scanner be harmful for Mac? Do I need one?

    I use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware as manual scanner, but can't make up my mind if I need real-time scanner for my Mac. Opinions diverge, some saying it does more harm than good.
  39. G

    Some Mac Antivirus Products Are Better Than Others

    In a new study from AV-TEST, only four Mac security packages were able to detect all possible threats, and Webroot performed terribly. Some Mac Antivirus Products Are Better Than Others : Read more
  40. K

    Are the cracked social apps safe?

    Hi! For example there is an OSX app, its called "current for facebook". If I download the cracked version from some pirate site, can I use it safely? The software uses my facebook email and password, can be stolen somehow my email and password, becouse it's a cracked version, and maybe the...
  41. zdbc13

    Old MacBook Pro recovery problem

    I have an old (2006) MacBook Pro that won't boot. It gets to the Apple icon with the spinning circle and has a loading bar at the bottom. After a few minutes it turns off. I've reset the SMC and PRAM, ran disk utilities which it passed, and tried the recovery mode. In recovery mode it connects...
  42. G

    Best Antivirus Software and Apps (Archive)

    Whether you're running Windows, macOS or Android, you need antivirus software. The question is what you want -- and how much you should pay. Best Antivirus Software and Apps : Read more
  43. J

    macbook air battery problem ( early 2015)

    So i have a macbook air which is 6 months old (2015 ver). It is the 13" version with a battery life estimate of 12 hrs. But i am getting nowhere close to it. I am unable to monitor it but estimate about 7 hrs. The battery has been through 51 cycles and i use it for basic tasks such as...
  44. AndrewDafuqq

    Are older MacBook Air's (Mid 2012) able to update to OS X 10.10 and later?

    Hey, I'm fairly new to these MacBooks but am getting one for school and the school said the Mac OS X has to be minimum of OS X 10.10 Yosemite and I am not sure if the older MacBook I'm buying is compatible with the newer updates, I am getting a Mid 2012 MacBook Air 13" with Intel i7, 8GB RAM...
  45. C

    Macbook pro 2010 vs 2011/2012

    Im considering switching my microsoft surface pro 3 for a macbook pro 2010/2011 or maybe even 2012. you might think im crazy, the surface is better no doubt, but i need to use finalcut pro so that isn't really an option and money is tight. would a 2010 be usable? and how would the speeds be...
  46. A

    Basics of EFI, UEFI, and Bios. Please help me learn this

    I am confused how all of these work. I can somehow use them correctly, but i want to make sure i know what is happening. Here are some of my confusions: I like windows, but i hate mac. I also have like... no money... and only macs. I have an old hard drive from my laptop, and I plug it in...
  47. L

    Please help me choose a macbook? Never owned an apple product.

    [i]Hi Guys, My laptop just died on me, was a pretty bad acer laptop with windows 10, bought it on sale at a big box retail store, had an i7 in it, I just felt it never ran good since I got it,I feel it was never made to last. I really need to buy a new laptop, I use it for work, general task...
  48. H

    Mac a1181 blue screen after replacement

    I replaced the LCD screen of my laptop to fix a burnt out backlight bulb issue, but now when I turn on the computer it stays at a blank blue screen. I've tried resetting the PRAM and it stays blue trying to hold down the command keys too. I inserted my OS installation disk and nothing still...
  49. henrytcasey

    Russian Spies Spotted Hacking Into Defense-Industry Macs

    The same Russian spies who hacked into the DNC are now targeting Mac users in the aerospace industry, a security firm said. Russian Spies Spotted Hacking Into Defense-Industry Macs : Read more
  50. W

    Reinstall OsX does not work

    I tried to install OS X el capitain and it froze my laptop. None of the repair or reinstall options are working
  51. ImperialGuardsman

    Video Camera for Powermac G5

    Hello everyone! I am traditionally a Windows man (especially the older flavors of Windows) but I also have an old Powermac G5 2.5Ghz Quad with an Nvidia Quadro 4500 and 16Gb of ram. I also have Final Cut Pro 6 and am running OS X 10.5.8. I wanted to see if any of you had suggestions for video...
  52. P

    when i type one key two letters are comming in mac book pro for example w is qw , s is as , 1 is 12

    when i type one key two letters are comming in mac book pro for example w is qw , s is as , 1 is 12 what should i do for this please tell
  53. FarNerdy

    Best Lightweight (Ultrabook Preferred) Laptop for Video Editing

    Hey all - I've been doing some research over the past week or so to find out what would be the best option in purchasing my next laptop. Here is the form below to start with: 1. What is your budget? I can go up to $2,000 USD 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? I...
  54. U

    Firefox is so slow/unusable

    Downloaded it a long time ago and it was really slow, so I removed it. Downloaded it again several months later, and it's still very slow. I type one letter in the search bar and it locks up. That's pretty much how it was before, incredibly slow to do anything. My Mac Retina MacBook Pro 15" Mid...
  55. wuubb

    3 way sync between cloud, computer, and external drive

    Like many professionals, I cannot afford to lose my projects and data due to a computer malfunction, cloud screw-up, or anything else. Through dropbox, google drive, etc, I already sync the cloud and computer content, across both my Macbook and Desktop running Windows and OSX. However, I want to...
  56. N

    How To Install The Leap Motion Controller On Os X

    If you want to start using your Leap motion controller for Os X this tutorial will guide you how to successfully finish the process. All you need to do so you can Install The Leap Motion Controller On Os X is to follow this steps: Step 1. Go to ■ Choose Mac Download...
  57. J

    Trying to install windows 10 on unsupported Macbook.

    Hi all! So I currently have a Macbook MC516LL/A running OS X El Capitan. I installed Windows 7 using Bootcamp and then used the Windows Media Creation Tool to upgrade to Windows 10. It worked and was able to run it but my trackpad wouldn't work. I used an external USB mouse to navigate and I...
  58. M

    macbook pro battery gets hot when charging

    i've noticed lately then when I'm recharging my macbook pro the battery gets really hot and so does the charger. i was told to unplug it wait for it to cool off and then plug it back it, i'm not to sure if that can solve the problem. i turned off the machine and plugged it back in after it...
  59. Paul Wagenseil

    Apple Is Making iOS Dangerous to Use (Op-Ed)

    Apple's new features introduced at WWDC 2016 threaten both your digital and your physical security. Apple Is Making iOS Dangerous to Use (Op-Ed) : Read more
  60. T

    How do I get the drivers for a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo 2006 Macbook Pro 15" for Windows XP?

    Hi guys, I have an Apple Macbook Pro 15" 2006 with a 2.33 GHz Core 2 Duo, I currently have it dual booted with Windows XP. The issue I am having is locating drivers for the Mac for XP. I realise you can get drivers off the original install Disk but I don't have that. Is there any other way of...