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    How to Use Spotlight Search in OS X Yosemite

    Spotlight search has been a component in Mac’s OS X operating systems for ages now. By simply pushing Command + Spacebar, Mac users can pull up a search function that peruses the system for files, programs, and more. The new version of Spotlight, available with the Yosemite update, has made the...
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    How to Upgrade a Mac to the Latest Version of OS X

    Most people want to be up to date with their operating systems on their Macs, and Mac users already know about the latest version, which is OS X Yosemite. Upgrading to OS X Yosemite is a fairly easy process, depending on which version of OS X is currently installed on the Mac. If you would like...
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    How to Take a Screenshot in OS X

    Screenshots are a way of showing someone else something on a desktop, application, or program by capturing it so the other person can see what you see. If you are a Mac user and would like to know how to take a screenshot on your OS X Mac, please read and follow these few simple directions. 1...
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    How to Create a Recovery Partition in OS X

    A computer’s operating system is stored on the computer’s hard drive and is essential in order for the computer to function. Mac users know (or should anyway) that having a backup is a smart idea in case of trouble. That is where a recovery partition comes in. A recovery partition is essentially...
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    How to Encrypt a File in Mac OS X

    Securing your documents provides peace of mind. If you would like to learn how to encrypt a file in Mac OS X, simply read and follow the instructions listed below. 1. Ensuring all is up to date- Ensure you have Mac OS X 10.7 or higher and OS X Recovery. If you have Lion or later, you’re good to...
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    How to Force Close Apps in OS X

    Sometimes when you are working on your Mac, you may run into a situation where the program you are working with crashes. This can be a problem. What is even worse is when the program crashes but is actually still running in the OS X operating system. In order to fix the problem, what you need to...
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    How to Use Mail Drop to Send Large Email Attachments in OS X Yosemite

    Billions of emails are sent and received every single day, and a large portion of those contain attachments of varying sizes. The problem with sending attachments via email is that sometimes large attachments need to be sent, and email servers generally limit the size of the attachments that...
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    How to Send SMS Messages from Your Mac in OS X Yosemite

    OS X Yosemite is the latest incarnation of the Mac operating system. Before OS X Yosemite, SMS messages could not be handled by a Mac. iMessages could be sent and received from a Mac, but now with Yosemite, all text messaging capabilities are to be found on a Mac, and the following instructions...
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    How to Edit Widgets in OS X Yosemite’s Notification Center

    Apple’s Notification Center has gone under major changes in OS X Yoesmite. Unlike previous incarnations, Yosemite’s Notification Center has another tab in addition to Notifications called Today. The Today tab shows things like the current date, weather, and reminders of that day’s events. The...
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    How to Turn on “Dark Mode” in OS X Yosemite

    OS X Yosemite is one of the latest version of the operating system for Mac computers, and it comes with more than just a new look. Before Yosemite, users did not have a choice in the color of the menu bar and Dock, which was always gray, but thanks to a new feature called Dark Mode, the color of...
  11. Jill Scharr

    WireLurker iPhone Malware Tried to Hit Windows First

    Before WireLurker used Macs to infect iOS devices, it tried -- and failed -- to do the same thing using Windows PCs. WireLurker iPhone Malware Tried to Hit Windows First : Read more
  12. Jill Scharr

    OS X Yosemite Flaw Leaves Macs Open to Hacker Takeover

    A new vulnerability in OS X Yosemite, Mavericks and Mountain Lion lets attackers seize control of Macs. OS X Yosemite Flaw Leaves Macs Open to Hacker Takeover : Read more
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    How to Force Quit an App in OS X

    Sometimes, quitting an application doesn’t go as planned, so having to force quit may be necessary. The following steps will guide you through the different ways in which to force quit an app on your OS X Macbook laptop. 1. Method #1- Change to another app. Open the Apple menu. Select Force...
  14. X

    programming for Mac OS X and Windows?!

    Hey Guys! I need some help choosing a programming language and a program for my exam's project. I would like to program a piece software, for both Windows and Mac OS X. But I do not know, what language or program I should. So do you have any suggestions?! However it cannot be HTML or CSS...
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    How To Default to Secure Empty Trash in Mac OS X

    When you move files into the trash bin in your Mac, they are not completely deleted.. However, there are files that you want to permanently delete without them lying in your trash bin. You can do this by using the "Secure Empty Trash" option in Mac OS X. 1. The easiest way to delete your files...
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    Operating system on pc

    I want to put os x on a computer. I have two choices, the Dell inspirion 15 3000 series 703270, or the Hp x2 tablet pc 10-k010nr. I already talked to Hp support, and they said the hp tablet pc is designed like a regular pc so it can have bios access, run the same version of os as a regular pc...
  17. Jill Scharr

    New Strain of Mac OS X Malware Found

    Ventir is a new strain of Mac OS X malware that bundles in a Trojan, a keylogger and even an open-source component. New Strain of Mac OS X Malware Found : Read more
  18. Mike Andronico

    iMac with Retina Display: Top 5 Features

    Here are the coolest features of Apple's new 27-inch iMac with Retina Display. iMac with Retina Display: Top 5 Features : Read more
  19. viveknayyar007

    Stop Skype from Automatically Starting When OS X Starts

    For most Mac and Windows users, Skype automatically initializes when the computer starts. With this configuration, after booting up the computer, user are no longer required to manually launch the application when they want to have a text, voice or video conversation with their friends on Skype...
  20. A

    How To Let Your Apps Access Keychain

    When you make changes to a program or app on your iMac or MacBook computer, you may be prompted to enter your password to confirm the changes. This is because certain apps require access to your Keychain in order to make changes. Password protection is a nice security option to have, of course...
  21. Paul Wagenseil

    How to Patch Shellshock Flaw in OS X

    Despite its insistence that OS X users were in no danger, Apple has issued security patches for the Shellshock flaw. How to Patch Shellshock Flaw in OS X : Read more
  22. W

    FinSpy Spyware Scandal

    I might simply be paranoid, but Wikileaks revealed that in Australia amongst other countries the Government has been distributing a spyware package called FinSpy in updates for software packages such as Skype. The spyware is rather powerful and affects all common OS platforms such as Windows...
  23. Jill Scharr

    New Mac Malware Used in Cyberespionage Campaign

    Newly discovered Mac malware called XSLCmd appears to be used by advanced cybercriminals to target critical infrastructure. New Mac Malware Used in Cyberespionage Campaign : Read more
  24. W

    MacBook Pro or asus gaming laptop

    I'm getting into programming things for ios and osx I'm looking at the lowest end macbook, but i also game is there a way to make the latest asus gaming notebook run osx mavericks ....
  25. Abhishek1025

    Mac oSX and VMware Workstation, dual boot

    how do i install a mac osx Lion on a vm ware workstation? i hav both .dmg file as well as .iso file compatible for workstation.. or else tell me whether i can install mac os x as a dual boot alongwith windows 8.1.... thanks :-)
  26. N

    Which of these two for University students?

    I'm looking at the Surface Pro 3 which is out in a week in the U.K and the Macbook air 13". Both 128gb ssd at i5. I like the OS from both brands so my issue is which is more suitable for a student. I was considering waiting for the Retina Macbook Air which is rumoured as well if that would make...
  27. G

    Latest Apple Updates Still Leave Out Snow Leopard

    The new updates cover iOS, Apple TV, Safari and OS X Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks, but Snow Leopard is again left out in the cold. Latest Apple Updates Still Leave Out Snow Leopard : Read more
  28. G

    Apple Rolls Security Updates Into OS X Mavericks 10.9.3

    OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 includes an important security patch for iTunes and last month's security updates, and restores USB iPhone syncing. Apple Rolls Security Updates Into OS X Mavericks 10.9.3 : Read more
  29. K

    Is the Nexus 4 worth buying now?

    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Ace since two years now and I'm finally going to upgrade to a better phone. I am confused between the Moto G, Nexus 4, and the Moto X. All of them are about the same price in my country (N4 and Moto X are about $100 more but that isn't a big issue). I know that the...
  30. D

    Alternates to Visio & Other Methods

    I recently purchased a MacBook Pro as my portable computer (I run Server 2012 R2 & WIN8.1 on my desktop at home), and I realized that I probably want Visio on my laptop. Now I already knew that Microsoft hasn't made an OS X Compatible version to Visio, so I had planned on either going the...
  31. L

    how can i get universal wifi adapter driver for mac?

    hello i installed hackintosh and i have rlink rt5390 wifi adapter and i need driver for it to work on MAC OS X ... please help...!!!! thanks
  32. V

    my memory card is corrupted in my sony ericsson u1 how can i repair them plz help

    :ouch: Please help my i have very important data in my memory card
  33. P

    OSX on the new Razer Blade 14

    I am considering buying the latest Razer blade 14 and i wanted to know if anyone had dual booted it with OSX or if it was even possible? Any advice would be helpful Here is a link to the laptop:
  34. G

    VirtualBox kernel panic with Snow Leopard 10.6.1-10.6.2 Intel/AMD made by Hazard on boot (Host is Windows 7)

    Hi, so I am having this error while trying to boot into Mac OSx after a successful installation: My specs are: -MSI 970A-g46 -AMD FX 6300 3.5GHz -4 GB DDR3 RAM -AMD Radeon HD 7750 I have followed these steps to install Mac on VirtualBox...
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    Serious 'Goto Fail' Flaw Gets OS X Patch: Here's How to Update

    Apple's serious security flaw in its SSL/TLS connections is patched on OS X, as part of the OS X 10.9.2 update released today (Feb. 25). Serious 'Goto Fail' Flaw Gets OS X Patch: Here's How to Update : Read more
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    Why You Need to Install Apple's Latest Software Patches

    The latest iOS patch fixes a serious security flaw. Unfortunately, there's no fix yet for the same hole in Mac OS X. Why You Need to Install Apple's Latest Software Patches : Read more
  37. G

    How to Encrypt Files on Mac OS X

    Mac OS X computers have some built-in encryption features. Here's how to use them. How to Encrypt Files on Mac OS X : Read more
  38. Q

    13" rMBP - 2012 vs 2013

    Guys, the 2012 version is retailing at the same price as the new 2013 version. But the 2012 version had 8gb ram, while the new one has haswell, better battery life, and improved graphics with only 4gb ram. Budget is maxed out. So can't upgrade 2013 model to 8gb. Considering I absolutely don't...
  39. G

    'Mask' Uncovered: Cyberspying Campaign May Be World's Stealthiest Yet

    Russian researchers reveal long-running cyberespionage campaign that infected Windows, Mac and Linux machines alike. 'Mask' Uncovered: Cyberspying Campaign May Be World's Stealthiest Yet : Read more
  40. W

    Incorrect typeface is showing up on pages across all browsers I use.

    I haven't been able to figure out what typeface is causing my MAC to replace it with a light condensed version of Helvetica or Helvetica Neue. But a prime example is this: It is like this on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari but only on my MAC. It's bizarre... I have tried clearing history cache...
  41. G

    Stealthy Botnet Bug Infects Macs, PCs, Linux Machines

    A sophisticated Java-based Trojan herds Macs, PCs and Linux machines alike into cyberattack-launching botnets. Stealthy Botnet Bug Infects Macs, PCs, Linux Machines : Read more
  42. K

    Cheaper Macbook alternatives

    Hi there, I'm new to the laptop buying world and I was just wondering what I should buy really. I currently have a Windows 7 desktop I use all the time but I'd like something that I can use around the house mainly instead of being stuck in one place I was looking into buying the new Macbook...
  43. P

    I accidentally clicked the delete button and 'Yes' while downloading the pictures from my camera through the Digital Photo Pro

    I accidentally clicked the delete button and 'Yes' while downloading the pictures from my camera through the Digital Photo Professional Program in the Mac OS X. Worried like Hell, if I will or not be able to retrieve the pictures from the Camera's San Disk Memory Card. My only consolation is I...
  44. G

    How Apple OS X Mavericks Falls Short on Security

    Does OS X Mavericks address Apple's half-hearted approach to desktop security? Or does it not go far enough? How Apple OS X Mavericks Falls Short on Security : Read more
  45. B

    how to remove pin code on macbook pro

    I bought a macbook pro 2011 from a shady person and know it says I need a pin code for it to unlock. How can I remove it? Please help!!!