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  1. M

    Installing OS X on a Macbook via flash drive.

    Hi, a friend gave me a 2010 macbook pro that would crash upon boot in hopes that I could repair it. It wouldn't boot to the desktop, but we could still get into disk utility, and it showed the laptop's hard drive was corrupted or not working properly. I tried to repair the disk but the disk...
  2. Y

    Laptop Recommendation for Vindictus (Game)

    Hello. I am currently considering purchasing a laptop natively running Windows (I currently use OSX) for better flexibility and adaptability. Amongst other things, I would like this laptop to be powerful enough to run Vindictus and MapleStory (which is less strenuous), and, if possible, be a...
  3. X

    Best OS for browsing anonymity (Thinking about buying a laptop)

    I am planning on purchasing a laptop Before I do I would like to know if I will have more protection and anonymity if I go with an apple computer vs a linux based OS. Windows 10 doesn't seem like a good option do to monitoring of browsing. I will be using a VPN and a Proxy but would like that...
  4. Z

    What can Wineskins be used with?

    I want to know to what extent can I use wineskins on my Macbook Pro. Can I use it with tools such as AutoCAD? and If I decided to use it for games, is it compatible with ANY windows game? Like Tomb Raider and GTA V? Thanks
  5. okieiam

    Baterry wear 50% what to do

    My Asus is less than 2 years old. It lithium baterry wear 50%. Some time up an down, around that number. I run Windows/Linux/Hackintosh and each Os see the battery differently. Windows have the longest run and measure accuracy. While in Osx or Linux I can run my pc up to 20 minute after the...
  6. F

    Macbook Pro freezes, clicks a few times, then restarts. Frequently.

    I have a Macbook Pro 13" (Late 2011 model) running OS X 10.10.5 (Yosemite). Recently it has been restarting itself without warning. I am usually in the middle of a youtube video or making a mix in a DJ software when it happens. The screen will freeze, I hear a clicking noise coming from the...
  7. Paul Wagenseil

    Mac Ransomware Is Real: How to Protect Yourself

    The first true Mac ransomware locks up files and wants $400 to free them. Here's how to avoid it, and what do to if you've been infected. Mac Ransomware Is Real: How to Protect Yourself : Read more
  8. C

    I am running a virus in a vm!???!

    I want to say that i am using vmware fusion 8 in os x el captain in pc.... all works well but then i have opened a youtube channel and i want to test viruses so the question is that can be able to run the viruses belonging to windows family in os x and also disabling all the shared options like...
  9. alth0triplemadang

    How to get rid of osx

    Hi I like macbooks. I like the hardware and it's looks. It's looks premium, simplistic, and elegant for me. But, what i hate of a macbooks? A OSX!!! I was dreaming if i can wipe the entire disk and only install windows with no apple software bundled inside it. It's possible? ~being a windows...
  10. H

    Accidentally highlighting text while scrolling - Dell XPS 15 (9530)

    I've recently migrated from my Macbook Pro / OSX environment to a Dell XPS 15 (9530) on Windows 10 Home. I'm finding the touch-pad operation finicky. Whenever I use the scroll gesture on my touch-pad, I occasionally find myself highlighting chunks of text by accident. I haven't been able to...
  11. Marshall Honorof

    8 Mac AV Products Get Perfect Security Scores

    Of 13 popular Mac OS X antivirus programs, eight received perfect scores when it came to security detection, but three failed outright. 8 Mac AV Products Get Perfect Security Scores : Read more
  12. C

    Macbook Pro early 2011 13 inch

    HI, I have a MacBook pro early 2011 13" with OS X el capitan. The rear port charges but doesn't read, the front port doesn't do anything, and the SD card slot does nothing. Any ideas on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. TY in advance.
  13. D

    Surface Book vs MacBook Pro | Which one to choose ?

    Hi, As the title suggests it. its a tough decision between Macbook Pro and Surface Book. Or if you find something similar to this. Please suggest which one to go for. I will be purchasing it in January. According to me, advantages of both over each other Surface Book over Mac : Portability...
  14. 7

    Back with Windows for the first time in a long time, whats the situation with Anti-Viruses?

    Hi guys! As you can see by the title I am back to Windows after taking a little break and going over to OS X. I still do use OS X a lot for my developing and work and etc but I also built this PC for gaming and stuff. What is the best anti-virus at the moment? I think before I just used...
  15. N

    Dual Boot Help

    Hello, I have a lenovo x220 and just got a new ssd that is wiped clean. I am going to install El Capitan and Windows 10 on it. I will want to use the same ssd for both. The link below is a guide to do so but they only show how to do it on two different ssd's. My question is how do I do it on one...
  16. N

    BIOS Update Help

    Hello, I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X220. I am trying to install OS X via a guide I found online. The first step is update the bios to the latest version. I have never done this before and was wondering could somebody tell me how to or show me a good tutorial on it? Thanks
  17. S

    128GB Dual Boot OK?

    Is it possible to dual boot Windows 10 and OSX on a 2015 Macbook Pro 128GB model? I plan to buy 128GB thumbdrives and SD cards so data storage is not an issue but can dual boot even be done on a 128GB SSD? I have read elsewhere that it is possible but would like to confirm. Please say if you...
  18. I

    For Regular Rendering Purpose : MAC or Windows ?

    Hey Guys, Looking to buy a COMPUTER, OSX Or Windows, anything which would be best for rendering on daily basis.. These Software are going to be use : Premiere pro, After effects.. maybe final cut pro (fcpx) and powerdirector.. Budget is 70K INR Approx 1K $ + Dollars. The budget is not an...
  19. G

    Looking for a 11/13 inch laptops for under $1k

    My current laptop is 4 years old, heavy, 15" (not compact enough to carry around), and it's a mac, not that I have anything against Apple or anything, but I prefer Windows. I'm still in high school, and I need my laptop for most of my classes, so I need something lighter. I'm looking for a new...
  20. henrytcasey

    OS X May Still Be Vulnerable to Windows Flaw

    OS X's Gatekeeper software may still be vulnerable to attacks in which 'safe' applications act as Trojan horses for malicious code. OS X May Still Be Vulnerable to Windows Flaw : Read more
  21. A

    Macbook pro Motherboard Processor upgrade

    I have a Mac book pro with 2.4 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor with 8 b ram and 512 GB hard disk. I wish to run heavy duty software on it like Adobe Photoshop and editing software and SDKs on it . I know the specs are not good enough to do these things? I understand that I cannot upgrade the...
  22. T

    Why can't I find some photos in Photos when I try to attach them to an e-mail?

    Good morning! I would really appreciate it if someone is able to help a recent Apple convert here... I have an iPhone 5S and a MacBook Air 2014, both with up-to-date software. When I take a photo with my iPhone, then open Photos on my MacBook, the new photo appears there. Excellent! BUT...
  23. nshin313

    Hey everyone, I need help with a charging problem with a mac.

    Hey everyone, first of all, i'd like to say that I've never owned a mac (mostly because they were too expensive for me) ,so I'm not very experienced in mac os x. So I recently received a 2009 model A1278 macbook pro from a friend of mine. But after years of use, the mac won't charge. When I plug...
  24. G

    Macbook Air 13 or Asus Zenbook UX305 ???

    I wanted to buy a laptop for my college needs..since i am into IT field...the laptop needs to run..all progrmng s/w...i also need it to be i shortlisted the macbook air & the asus zenbook u305...i prefer the zenbook cause..i have been using windows always...n the zenbook has a 256...
  25. K

    Please HELP! Deciding on macbooks - GIFT for Accounting & Finance Major

    Apple MacBook Pro 13.3-Inch Laptop Intel Core i5 2.3GHz / 8GB DDR3 Memory / 500GB SSHD (Solid State Hybrid) Drive / OS X 10.10 Yosemite / ThunderBolt / DVD Burner Screen Size 13.3 inches Max Screen Resolution 1280 x 800 Processor 2.30 GHz Intel Core i5 RAM 8 GB SO-DIMM DDR3 Hard Drive 500...
  26. T

    College Laptop Choice with Video Editing/Photo Edits on the Side

    1. What is your budget? Around $1000-$1500 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 13 inch or 15.6 inch 3. What screen resolution do you want? At least 1080p, 2k 3k or 4k would also be nice since I will be doing video editing and photowork 4. Do you need a portable or...
  27. F

    Can the New XPS 13(2015) Run Mac OSX on it?

    Just got a new xps 13, was wondering if you could put osx on it and maybe dual boot it, I'm not really an expert in this field.
  28. L

    Browsing Around For A New laptop Love OS X But Windows 10 Makes Me Curious To Try PC

    Looking for a laptop to edit video and use Adobe designing applications. I currently have an old 2010 macbook pro that heats up a lot while using Final Cut Pro. I love the OS X experience but with Windows 10 coming out Im curious to try out a PC for a change. I was looking at some Gaming...
  29. sparker781

    VmWare and Mac OS

    So if I use a legit copy of Mac OS X with a virtual machine can you run mac os as a virtual machine on a PC? I have a copy of Mac OS X that I was using to restore an old macbook.... Not sure if this is the right area so apologies if it isnt Thanks
  30. henrytcasey

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac Review

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac offers a strong portfolio of features, but its malware detection could be better. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac Review : Read more
  31. wenqi

    New laptop, lots of choices (wait for skylake?), what's my best bet?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about getting a new laptop to do my programming/work on. My requirements aren't very high, but I do run codes that need to iterate calculations millions of times. So, I'm currently running a core i3-3217u in an ASUS vivobook. It lags slightly when running Mathematica, and...
  32. S

    temperature monitoring free app on os x?

    that support macbook pro retina 2015. need urgently and wasn't able to find valid free download.
  33. Z

    Avast! security certificate problems Mac OS X

    (Please do not reply with any anti-Mac or "A Mac can't get a virus"[viruses are not the only threat to a computer >.>] comments, they are not needed or wanted. I have a Windows, Android, and Linux device as well tyvm.) I just did a fresh install of my OS , Installed Avast! and Firefox after...
  34. J

    MacBook Pro VS Air? Help me decide!

    Hi there, I was wofnderingf if you guys can share some light on choosing between the new macbook pro 13" w/ retina or the 13" Macbook Air (Current Model).. If i went with the Pro I would get the following spec: 2.7GHz Dual-core Intel Core i5, Turbo Boost up to 3.1GHz 16GB 1866MHz LPDDR3 SDRAM...
  35. Woody1999

    Can't resize partitions with Disk Utility

    Hi, I have the 13-inch Mid-2014 MBP, with a 2.6GHz i5, 8GB of RAM and 120GB SSD. I'm running OSX Yosemite 10.10.3. I'm trying to dual-boot Zorin OS 9 (a variation of Ubuntu) onto my MacBook, but I can't get past the first stage! When I load up Disk Utility and try and shrink my single partition...
  36. H

    OS X Yosemite Download link

    anyone has a download link for OS X Yosemite ..??
  37. ccoo84

    text to speech software for windows 7

    Hi I am use to using the right click text to speech option in Apple OS for reading web pages and other stuff of that nature and I am trying to find a way to do it in windows with the same ease. Is there a way to be able to highlight text in articals and just listen to them instead of having to...
  38. Paul Wagenseil

    Mac Adware Trojan Can Install Anything on OS X

    A stealthy new installer of adware and other unwanted programs could easily be repurposed to infect Macs with malware. Mac Adware Trojan Can Install Anything on OS X : Read more
  39. Mike Andronico

    Mac mini (Late 2014) Review

    The Mac mini (late 2014 edition) is an affordable and attractive OS X machine, though it sacrifices the upgradability of previous models. Mac mini (Late 2014) Review : Read more
  40. tomsguideUS

    Laptop Mag's Best Laptops of 2016

    Our friends over at Laptop Mag keep a running record of the best laptops of the year. To help you all pick the best laptop, we'll be linking to some of their reviews here. See Laptop Mag's Best Laptops in full for all of the best picks and information. Need more picks? Perhaps you want a...
  41. P

    Macbook Unibody Hard drive Upgrade?

    I have a Macbook5,1 Late 2008 Unibody running on OS X 10.5.8 I can't buy a new computer and this one is slow, loud and overheats I was thinking of buying an SSD (probably the Samsung 840EVO) upgrading my ram from 2GB to 4GB upgrading OS X up to LEOPARD Would that work properly with the machine...
  42. William Norberg

    Re-install osx recovery (and OSX)

    Hi, i wiped my ssd clean a few months ago and installed Windows 10. I want to use OSX now, but since my OSX recovery partition is gone i can't re-install it. Help plz!!!
  43. G

    MacBooks Tutorials and How-To's

    MacBooks Tutorials and How-To's Troubleshooting How to Restore a MacBook Pro to Factory Settings How to Restore a MacBook Air to Factory Settings How to Adjust the Resolution of a Mac How to Create a Recovery Partition How to Boot Up a Mac in Safe Mode How to Boot Your mac from a USB Device...
  44. T

    i installed offic mac 2011 on my imac, when typing in word there are no words showing.Does anyone know why?

    i installed offic mac 2011 on my imac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2, when typing in word document there are no words showing.Can someone help me with this?
  45. stealth80

    OS X Loves my WIFE!

    Hi, I got a MacBook Pro this week and entered my Apple ID on set up. When I went to add internet accounts, the mails auto populated the name with my wifes name. I have no idea why its doing this, at no point have I entered her name into the mac, nor are our accounts shared or linked. I...
  46. Marshall Honorof

    Apple's Own Huge 'Patch Tuesday' Fixes OS X, iOS Flaws

    Apple patches dozens of security flaws, bumping OS X Yosemite, iOS, Apple TV up a version point but also fixing Mountain Lion, Mavericks. Apple's Own Huge 'Patch Tuesday' Fixes OS X, iOS Flaws : Read more
  47. B

    razer kraken pro

    Im on a mac os x (if specifics are needed ask please) And i bought one a while back, mic never picked up finally got around to getting Razer to send another pair to me. STILL NOT WORKING? i have tried every combo of the cords and it just wont pick up in my devices/sound options. Im very...
  48. Jill Scharr

    Google Roasts Apple, Discloses 3 OS X Bugs

    Google's Project Zero has done to Apple what it recently did to Microsoft, disclosing three OS X flaws before Apple had patched them. Google Roasts Apple, Discloses 3 OS X Bugs : Read more
  49. G

    Adding a password to a folder

    I need to be able to add a password to a folder for business purposes. Is there anyway to do such a thing? It needs to be able to work across platforms between iOS, Mac OSX, and all versions of windows. Any help would be appreciated.
  50. tomsguideUS

    Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2015 (Archive)

    Here are the best antivirus software and apps for the money (in some cases, they are free), including PC, Mac and Android recommendations. Best Antivirus Software and Apps 2015 : Read more
  51. F

    is this macbook usuable

    Is this macbook something that is worth updating? If so, what recommendations. If its not work it please say so. Description: OS x 10.5.8 Subfamily late 2008 alunimun Macbook 5.1 Std RAM 2 GB Std VRAM 256 mg Std storage 250 gb (5400 rpm) Std optical 8 x DL superdrive Core 2 duo 2.4 13"
  52. G

    Macbook Pro 13" Retinia 2.6 GHz okay for gaming?

    I am currently a PC desktop user, looking for my first laptop. I have an opportunity to get a 25% discount on any Apple laptops. I thought i might give them a try for a few reasons. The discount, OS X yosemite looks so good :love: , and I would like to try programming an iOS app. (New to...
  53. Jill Scharr

    Apple Pushes Out First Mandatory OS X Update

    To fix a serious Internet security flaw, all machines running Mountain Lion, Mavericks or Yosemite automatically install the update. Apple Pushes Out First Mandatory OS X Update : Read more
  54. Jill Scharr

    Wickr Launches Desktop Private-Messaging Application

    Secure messaging app Wickr launches desktop clients for Windows, Mac and Linux, letting users switch between desktop and mobile. Wickr Launches Desktop Private-Messaging Application : Read more
  55. I

    lost my subfolders emails

    while creating a new folder in my subfolder I lost all my stored emails. I did not have them on backup. WHERE HAS THE INFO GONE?
  56. G

    Laptops: Outfitting the Home?

    So for a while now, I've had a slight Ebay addiction. Not that I compulsively buy, but when I really want something, I may bid without truly wanting it 100%. I usually figure that out before I win the auction. When I do though, I'm a good payer... I have a bunch of computers around here. I've...
  57. A

    How to Check for App Updates in OS X Yosemite

    Apple added a slew of cool new features with the recent OS X Yosemite update, as well as giving the operating system a sleek makeover. However, a few things have remained more or less the same, such as where you can go to check for App Store updates. Use the steps below to keep your operating...
  58. A

    How to Reduce Transparency in OS X Yosemite

    Apple’s obsession with design aesthetics has finally reached the point of overkill. The new OS X Yosemite update is great in a lot of ways, but the transparency effects that Apple has added to different windows, menus, and docks throughout the operating system can be kind of distracting. If you...
  59. A

    How to Access iCloud Drive in OS X Yosemite

    The new OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 updates have brought a slew of new capabilities into the lives of Apple customers. One of these is iCloud Drive, a new version of iCloud that makes sharing files between iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers easier than ever before. Essentially, iCloud Drive is like...
  60. A

    How to Make DuckDuckGo Your Default Search Engine in OS X Yosemite

    DuckDuckGo is far from the most well-known search engine, but it is fast and efficient, and worth trying out if you are using Mac’s new OS X Yosemite update. Use the steps below to make DuckDuckGo your default search engine in Yosemite. Step 1 First, make sure you have installed the Yosemite...