Why can't I find some photos in Photos when I try to attach them to an e-mail?


Sep 16, 2015
Good morning! I would really appreciate it if someone is able to help a recent Apple convert here...

I have an iPhone 5S and a MacBook Air 2014, both with up-to-date software. When I take a photo with my iPhone, then open Photos on my MacBook, the new photo appears there. Excellent!


Then I open my Gmail and try to attach this new photo, OR try to upload it onto Facebook, and the photos that are displayed are different to what shows up when I open Photos. Most of my older photos show up, and a few of my newer ones, and even some photos that I've deleted from Photos! But not all of my newer photos!!! So I can't send it in an e-mail!

PLEASE can someone help me... this is so frustrating!

Thank you in advance!

Steven Jiang

Mar 20, 2013
well photos has always been just buggy and overall bad for actual use. You should use alternatives like dropbox for the time being until the app is improved and gets the bugs fixed.