Question iPhone storage full, how to stop from redownloading from icloud after deleting photos?

Lord Bobbymort

Jul 29, 2015
So, it's my girlfriend's phone, so that makes it even more frustrating because I can't just say "stop buying apple products that think they know best for you."
Pretty much this is how I feel:
Don't have enough storage on your phone? too bad, we put everything on the cloud, but when you delete stuff from your phone it may or may not delete itself from the cloud? Delete stuff from your phone? Too bad it goes in a magic "recently deleted" bucket for 30 days or something so you don't actually free up any space. Manage to delete stuff finally? too bad, it gets taken up as "other" storage and you still don't have any space of your own. Finally delete photos to make up space and somehow magically the "other" storage frees up? Too bad, because A) you never saw "other" go away because iCloud downloaded the photos back onto your phone and B) icloud downloaded the photos back onto your phone so you just start the stupid cycle all over again.

We went through this cycle and it took me hours to finally find a 3rd party application for Windows that would just download all of her photos for a proper backup because whenever we'd plug in the phone to her laptop iTunes or Windows 10 both would lose connection... for some reason. Who knows why. I tried everything I could find to update firmware and drivers for the device and usb and literally anything. When I finally copied the photos off and we got to deleting them from her phone first we had to go through deleting the "recently deleted" photos now, which was a nightmare because it would freak out if we, seemingly, tried to delete more than like 8 at a time it would glitch and we had to restart the phone. Then "other storage" wouldn't go away, and now she says that everything is back and she is out of storage again, even after turning off icloud backup.

We're not necessarily in a position to purchase a new phone, it's still an iphone 7, so we really want to fix this and I really hope I don't have to go through all that frustration again.


If you turn off the icloud syncing there is really no way for the old items to just pop back in, something else must have synced it again. Unfortunately for people not so tech savvy they could have clicked or selected any number of things without really knowing or remembering what happened.

Next step is to move to a higher capacity iPhone if that is what she wants to keep using or make sure everything is backed up and do a factory wipe to clean off everything past the original setup and start loading things again. Things like Facebook, chat applications, texting with images, sending videos, etc.. all are on the phone from use, factory reset wipes that. Or check in the options to clear application cache files.