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  1. L

    Solved! iPhone storage full, how to stop from redownloading from icloud after deleting photos?

    So, it's my girlfriend's phone, so that makes it even more frustrating because I can't just say "stop buying apple products that think they know best for you." Pretty much this is how I feel: Don't have enough storage on your phone? too bad, we put everything on the cloud, but when you delete...
  2. M

    Solved! Do i still have photos on my backup (if there is "Photo album" turned on) if i turn off ICloud Photo Library?

    I have full ICloud storage (5GB) and i don't wannt to pay every month for more storage. When i open my Backup, there is "Photo album" turned on and it takes almost all storage of Backup. So, my question is , if i turn off the ICloud Photo Library would I have all my pictures on my backup (of...
  3. viveknayyar007

    What to Do If Face ID Fails in iPhone X

    At times your iPhone X may fail to recognize your face and would not unlock with your Face ID profile. If something like this happens to you, typing your passcode is an alternate method to unlock your device. If you’ve forgotten your passcode, and iPhone X can’t even recognize your face, you’re...
  4. T

    Transferring game progress from Android to iPhone

    Is there any way to transfer the progress of games like "Hill Climb Racing" from Android to iPhone (Play Games to iCloud)?
  5. S

    iPad 3 16 GB activation help

    I recently purchased a used iPad 3 16 GB (White). The previous owner reset it so now when I turn it on it goes into setup mode and after wi-fi setup it asks for iCloud activation which I can't do since I don't have the previous owner's account. The previous owner won't return my calls or reply...
  6. tomsguideUS

    Find Your iPhone Using Mac or Windows PC

    If you don’t have your iPhone in your pocket while you’re out, the chances are that you might have forgot taking it along with you while leaving your home, or left it at your friend’s house or at the shop you stopped by to grab some snacks. If you’re unsure as where you your iPhone could...
  7. viveknayyar007

    Stop Uploading Photos to iCloud Automatically In iOS 11

    When you first set up your iOS device and associate it with your Apple ID, all the photos and videos are by default synced with your iCloud storage, i.e. the new photos and videos are automatically uploaded to the iCloud, and are downloaded on all your Apple devices that share the common ID...
  8. viveknayyar007

    Manage Saved Passwords In iCloud In iOS 11

    When you create an Apple ID, the same account can be used to access and avail multiple services offered by Apple such as those on iCloud, iTunes Store, App Store, etc. That said, it becomes important to keep the account as secured as possible by changing its password on a regular basis. Unlike...
  9. viveknayyar007

    Hide Music Files Stored On iCloud In iOS 11

    When you sync your iTunes music library with your iOS device, the audio files are also uploaded and stored on your iCloud account’s storage. This lets you access all your purchased tracks across all your Apple devices seamlessly. However, there might be instances when you don’t want the Music...
  10. viveknayyar007

    Restore Your iOS 11 Device from Backup Using iTunes

    Whether you’ve bought a new, advanced model of an iOS device, have factory restored the existing one, or even if your existing data got corrupted, iTunes always serves as a savior for your important information. Regardless of the type of computer you may have (Windows or Mac), the iTunes’...
  11. G

    Is the iPhone 4s 8gb a good choice?

    Hi guys. I wanted to buy a phone which is simple and stylish and also pack some really good specs... My budget is around 300-350 dollars. I am thinking to buy an iPhone 4s but due to a storage problem I am forced to think twice before buying. In my country it's only available in 8gb variant, but...