Macbook Pro 13" Retinia 2.6 GHz okay for gaming?



I am currently a PC desktop user, looking for my first laptop. I have an opportunity to get a 25% discount on any Apple laptops. I thought i might give them a try for a few reasons. The discount, OS X yosemite looks so good :love: , and I would like to try programming an iOS app. (New to programming and mainly program for PC's but I thought I'd give it a try) I know the Macbook Pro 13" Retina has an AWESOME display, which I really don't need, but it would be nice of course. I just need a computer thats smooth, fast at running everyday apps. But, although I would mainly game on my desktop, I would like a laptop that can run games decently. I would run games like Civilization, Topico 5, maybe some fps. I don't need high settings, max res, 60 fps. But 1080p at medium around 40fps+ is ideal. So, is this specific macbook good for what i need? Should I get a different model? (Budget is $1300ish for macs and $1000ish for PCs) Or should I just forget macbooks altogether and go for a PC? Thanks for your help!


Jul 15, 2014
I think 25% discount sounds good, and if you plan on developing IOS apps Mac is the way to go. As for gaming, very few games are made for Macs though I know Civ 5 for sure is made for it (although maybe would require separate purchase). Don't expect too good gaming performance, they run on integrated Intel graphics to my knowledge, I think Iris Pro 5300, which are actually pretty good for mobile graphics. Games should be okay.


Thanks, I just needed to know it wouldn't be a nightmare to run games. I will probably install windows 8 with bootcamp anyways so I can use Visual Studio and run games not available for OS X.

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