How to Develop for Amazon Fire TV running on Fire OS 6

Developers who are creating new apps to work on newer Amazon Fire TVs need to know that they run on OS 6 and Android Nougat. Older versions of the same TV run on OS 5, which is based on Android Lollipop. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your app is compatible with this new OS version.

1) Make Fire OS 5 & 6 your App´s targets
Targeting the right devices ensures that compatibility with Fire OS 5 and 6 is at its maximum. The most efficient method is to aim for the SDK level, however, you can also identify all devices from Fire TV 3rd Generation using AFTN as your selected Build.Model. We recommend checking that your code´s Build.VERSION.SDK_INT is either 25 or superior (which is the API level of Android Nougat) for devices running Fire OS 6.

2) Check Runtime Permissions
All devices in an API level equal or higher than 23 need permissions checked at runtime. Although they should also be declared in the manifest that accompanies the app through uses permissions and features, Android guidelines request that extra step to assure compatibility with Android Nougat and hence, Fire TV OS 6. This is a requirement since Marshmallow was introduced.

3) Handling Unsupported Hardware
Do not request permissions for features that aren´t available on those devices in your manifest. This might be the case if you use a single APK to target multiple devices including Amazon Fire TV and Fire Tablet. An example could be to ask for gyroscope permissions on an app that is directed to Fire TV).

4) Prepare Revoking-Permission Scenarios
Handling scenarios of user-revoked permissions is a complete must. Since users have more controlled over the app (since API level 23), they can annul certain permissions when they are asked. Those scenarios need to be contemplated.

5) Test Amazon Fire TV compatibility for your app
Submitting your newly-created app through the standard process will give you feedback from the app-store team with specific indications of failure (or not). At the moment, there is no app-compatibility test for Fire OS6 devices available other than having a real device for connecting it. The available App Testing Service will not provide you with any data about Fire OS 6 devices, it will only provide with some minimal testing in regards of compatibility.
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