How to disable Briefing on the Samsung Galaxy S7


Phone manufacturers like to think they are being helpful when they install overlays and apps onto our phones. Unfortunately, most people don’t use these additions and have to remove them. One such app is Briefing which is a news aggregator. If you want to know how to disable Briefing on the Samsung Galaxy S7, read on.

Briefing is a fairly useful news app but can be laggy. Like many manufacturer apps, the idea is better than the execution and there are better news aggregators out there if you want to use them. So I think it’s a good idea to disable it and use a different app as soon as you get the phone.

Disable Briefing on the Galaxy S7
1. Hold down an empty space on the home screen.
2. Locate the Briefing panel on the left.
3. Turn it off by sliding the blue toggle right.
4. The panel should disappear.

Disable the Briefing app completely
1. Navigate to Settings, Applications and Application Manager.
2. Select More and Show system apps.
3. Select Briefing.
4. Select Disable from the Application info page.

Now you can use the left panel for something more useful and save background battery and data at the same time. Just drag an app icon to where Briefing was to be able to access something you will use more often.

Of course, if you decide later on that you miss your daily news update, simply reverse the steps above to re-enable Briefing.
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